VB5: Collision Detection

I'm running into problems with my collision detection in a game I'm working on.  Basically I need some good example source showing how to do collision detection between 2 complex objects by the pixel.  No generic boxes or circles...by the pixel using images.  Simple example, 2 guys swinging swords at each other.  You need collision detection down to the pixel to know when the swords hit each other, when they hit the guy, and when they miss.
So advanced input and some source code would be helpfull.
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RuchiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"If you want to write any games that require collision detection, this excellent sample shows you how to do pixel collision detection in VB5 or greater."

"This example demonstrates how to performs accurate pixel collision detection. "
Maybe you need to create a table in advanced based on the X-Y displacement of one figure relative to another.  e.g. (10,5) might be a hit (10,6) a miss.  Values outside the range of the table would be a miss.  

It could also hold info about what picture to display to depict the hit, e.g hit on head or body.
Here's a thought.  Create regions which are the outlines of your pictures, then you can determine if they intersect by calling the CombineRgn API call:

If NULLREGION = CombineRgn(hrgnDst, hRgn1, hRgn2, RGN_AND) Then
    'They do not intersect
End If

This site shows how to create regions from bitmaps:

"Creating Window Shapes from Bitmaps"
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example here towards the bottom of the page:


same site, dont know if its a different sample or not:

ChrisKAuthor Commented:
All of these are excellent examples.  But there's still 1 problem with them all.  Ruchi's for example shows pixel collision but requires masks of both objects to do it.  I may be able to structure the game code to make this work...but here's the catch.  Take my sword fighting example.  How could I tell the difference between the pixels of the swords colliding, and the pixels of the sword hitting the guy?  If the sword was a seperate object from the guy, it wouldn't be too tough, but they are all the same image...any suggestions?
is there a distinct color difference such that you can use the rgb value of the pixel to distinguish between the two?
ChrisKAuthor Commented:
Nope...that wouldn't work because there will be a large variety of weapons and such which would have the same color values.  I think I solved my own problem really...I just need to make the weapons a seperate object that gets drawn either before or after the character, depending on the angle.  Then I could map the characters body coordinates to 1 variable, and the coordinates of the weapon image to another.
Go to
Type collision detection in the text box for searching.
You should be able to get 8 entries. Hope they are helpful to you.
ChrisKAuthor Commented:
Several of you had good examples, but ruchi's seems to be the best for what I need.
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