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How do i know my ISP name server??
I mean using a command not by asking my provider
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bchewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open a command prompt and type "ipconfig /all".  Look for the "DNS" entries.  Those are your name servers.  Your IP address changes each time you dial in because your ISP is using DHCP to assign an address to you.  They do this so they can support hundreds of customers without having to register a separate IP address for each customer.  Only those customers who are online are "using" an IP address.

I use a program called Sam Spade - downloadable free from . This can tell you things about your connection and other people's connections.

Download it, plug in the name of your ISP's website (i.e. ) and click the 'Dig' button (or it may be one of the other buttons). This will tell you a list of Name Servers.

Why can't you ask your ISP?
anwar12Author Commented:
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anwar12Author Commented:
I didn't ask because i want knowledge.

Why my IP address not same anytime i connect my pc to internet???
anwar12Author Commented:
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