Lost Theme

The theme named expedition used to work before the ILOVEYOU virus infected my system.

The virus is cleaned out now but the Expedition theme is just black background.

How can I restore it?
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DocAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't know what else to do.  Try corresponding with the people at Microsoft:
They even have a trial version that you could load to see if your version is corrupt.  And it could be something else on your system that the virus got.
Sorry I couldn't help.
Reload that portion of your software.
gpeskaAuthor Commented:
I should have mentioned that I've already tried reloading the FrontPage program from the CD.  That didn't work so I uninstalled FrontPage then installed again and that didn't work.

I also tried downloading the Expedition Theme files from my ISP's server back to my local files and that didn't work.
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Go in and check to see if you have any program files with the 'expeditn' in the file name.
gpeskaAuthor Commented:
Yes.  They are in a folder named Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Themes\expeditn

In that folder are 3 files named:

gpeskaAuthor Commented:
I've browsed my files and found all of the graphics files for the Expedition Theme in a folder named:


I've opened the files and they are the Expedition graphics.  Do they need to be moved or copied to some other file to make the feature work in FrontPage again?
Please check for the following:
c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\themes\expeditn\(48 files) with extensions .css .gif .elm .inf .utf8.  
Also:  c:\program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\1033\css\expeditn.tem\(2files)
If the same amount of files are over in that temp directory, try copying them to the correct directories mentioned above and see if that works.  If you don't have this many files in the temp directory, I'll send you a complete list so you can search for them.
gpeskaAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points from 100 to 300
gpeskaAuthor Commented:
DocA, I'm increasing the number of points on this because you've already done more work than I could have guessed would be necessary.  I appreciate you staying with me on this.  I would like to understand how to solve the puzzle.

I copied the files that I have in to the folders you mentioned above and here's what's in those folders now:

The following files are in the folder:
C:\program files\Microsoft Office\Templates\1033\css\expedition.tem:


The following files are in the folder:
C:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\themes\expeditn\

(Note that only 40 files are listed instead of the 48 you said should be here - thought the sizes might be helpful?)

Expbanna.gif            13KB
expbannd.gif            2KB
expbul1a.gif            1KB
expbul1d.gif            1KB
expbul2a.gif            1KB
expbul2d.gif            1KB
expbul3a.gif            1KB
expbul3d.gif            1KB
Expeditn.elm            76KB
Expeditn.inf            1KB
expeditn.utf8            1 KB
expglob.gif            1 KB
exphbuda.gif            3KB
exphbudd.gif            3KB
exphbuha.gif            3KB
expbusa.gif            4KB
exphbusd.gif            3KB
exphombd.gif            1KB
exphomda.gif            1KB
exphomha.gif            1KB
exphomsa.gif            1KB
exphorsa.gif            1KB
exphorsd.gif            1KB
expnexbd.gif            1KB
expnexda.gif            1KB
expnexha.gif            1KB
expnexsa.gif            1KB
expprebd.gif            1KB
exppreda.gif            1KB
exppreha.gif            1KB
exppresa.gif            1KB
expupbd.gif            1KB
expupda.gif            1KB
expupha.gif            1KB
expupsa.gif            1KB
expvbuda.gif            3KB
expvbudd.gif            3KB
expvbuha.gif            3KB
expvbusa.gif            4KB
expvbusd.gif            3KB

What's next?
Look for these files.  They should also be in c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\themes\expeditn\

You should be able to find these types of files in every one of your themes.  The only difference is exptextb.jpg and it is named according to the theme name in each theme type.

I have heard of people having trouble loading FrontPage when they have Norton Antivirus Enabled.  Would this apply to you?

gpeskaAuthor Commented:
I found the 7 files you listed above, copied them and pasted them to the c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\themes\expeditn\ folder.  There are now 47 files in that folder.  In one of your earlier messages you said there should be 48 files.  Am I still missing a critical one?

I opened FrontPage to see if Expedition would work but it didn't.

After doing that I disabled Norton Antivirus and again reinstalled FrontPage.  Still no luck with the Expedition theme.  All the others are working.

gpeskaAuthor Commented:
Thank you DocA.  You've taught me a lot about what files should be where even though we didn't solve the puzzle. I'm accepting your answers.

I'll probably just live without the Expedition theme.
You are very gracious.  Thanks.
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