sb live + liveware 3.0 problems

hello, i recently bought a SB LIVE and quickly installed the newest drivers
that i could find online...then i was told about the Liveware 3.0 software
which was recently released and downloaded it.  I downloaded the entire 28 meg Package A, that included all the software... (Liveware is like extra software which increases the performance of your SB LIVE)

however, once i installed it, and it asked to be rebooted, i agreed and my
windows has never been able to load up again!!!  As soon as my windows
starts my mouse and keyboard are rendered helpless and i cannot do
anything!! so, i rebooted in safemode and uninstalled everything...

can anyone help me??? i would really like to get this Liveware 3.0 working


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MnNCOMMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Remove all other cards except for the video card and the sound card. The SB Live uses TWO IRQs. It is possible that it grabbed an IRQ in use with another card. Lets rule this out first.

Make sure the mainboard's bios is NOT issueing an IRQ for the slot it is in.

Don't use the slot right after the video card. Or try changing the slot to another one anyways.

Weather this works or not, uninstall the sound card and re do the install from a nice fresh CLEAN Boot (No antivirus running, no programs in start menu)

I suggest you re-download the files, it may be a curupted download you have and that may have messed you up too.

Try NOT using the install CD that came with it. Download everything from or
I really don't know what happened, i installed more than 5 SB Live's (Value, MP3) and i never have had that kind of problem.

When you reboot your system after installing Liveware you must wait a few minutes (5). This is normal for a Pentium III 500. This is part for the normal driver installation.
If you don't wait this i don't know what can happen.

It would help if you could supply your system specification. It may help with the problem.


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I would remove the card and see if you can come into windows, if so then uninstall the SB, reboot and make sure no errors show and nothing is identified under your device manager. Then shutdown and reinstall the card and load the drivers, then see where you are at. If this doesn't work try to rem out anything in your autoexec.bat related to the SB. You can do this by going into safemode and typeing sysedit at the start/run or type edit autoexec.bat at the DOS prompt. Once you come into windows see if any errors occur. SB doesn't remove the IRQ/address from the autoexec.bat when you uninstall it. It will however put it back in there if card is installed, its very controlling. Hope this helps as a start. Dave
nerfgunzAuthor Commented:
emery800, i have did that before, if i remove the card, windows does load up...then i uninstall the software...

crojas, when do i wait 5 mins??? because after it installs the drivers and so, the reboot commences by itself upon my answer of "yes" to reboot...

my system is:
Asua p2-99 motherboard
western digital ata/66 hd (however i am using dma 33 capability)
voodoo3 vid card
and sb live! value

I found this but it is an overclocking issue which I don't think you have, am still looking when I get a chance.Jens Baumann wrote in message <>...
>> I had my P2B @ 105mhz (PII 350 to 366) and my SB Live ran perfectly for
>> hours on end for the first few days. Then, suddenly it disappeared from
>> it didn't even exist. Nothing. As soon as I returned the bus to
>> 100mhz (33.4), the SB Live! "reappeared" and works fine. So my experience
>> the SB Live doesn't want to be OC'd. As suggested additional cooling may
>> help, but the risk reward, isn't worth it to me. Just my experience, your
>> mileage may vary;-)
My PII400 works fine at 4*112 also.  Perhaps there are some dodgy SB Live!

Did you have any problems running the SB with your voodoo3 video card prior to installing the liveware 3.0?
Dumb question probably but you do meet these requirements! Right? System Requirements

 133MHz or faster Pentium® class processor
 Intel or 100% compatible motherboard chipset
 16MB system RAM (32MB strongly recommended)
 Windows 95, 98 or Windows NT 4.0
 Open, half-length PCI 2.1-compliant slot
 Headphones or self-powered speakers (available separately)
 CD-ROM drive required for software installation
 Requires a 166 MHz or faster processor, microphone and 32MB of RAM for speech recognition software.

Please note: users of Cyrix based processors or Windows NT users cannot currently utilize all of the hardware features and some bundled applications.

Just trying to check all the bases! Dave
I found the following at SB site that is part of Live!Ware 3.0
LAVA! revolutionizes Internet audio by adding interactive real-time 3D visuals to your audio content. Visit our dedicated web site at and check out the tools for your LAVA! MusicVideo playback, authoring and publishing needs. I wonder if you have a conflict with your video drivers and this new program? A test would be to set your video back to vga mode and then try everything. This would eliminate the voodoo3 drivers being a problem.

nerfgunzAuthor Commented:
emery800, for sure i meet those requirements, and my sb live was working perfectly before LiveWare 3.0 came about...

the thing is, liveware 3.0 installs a few new updated drivers which might be conflicting with the current drivers...

anyone know how i can tell if they are conflicting???
I recommend you install the latest sound blaster live driver at do not the Livewire driver.
sorry.. that's do not install the liveware driver
nerfgunzAuthor Commented:
chongykim, did that...

just wanna know why liveware3.0 causes the crashes
nerfgunzAuthor Commented:
MnNCOMM u were absolutely right...

the thing is, i dont crash when my windows boots up, its just i run out of IRQ's and for some reason SB LIVE takes the IRQ for all input devices such as the KeyBoard and Mouse...

well i fixed the problem by pluging my IntelliMouse into the USB port (which i shoulda done a long time ago) and kept my keyboard in the normal PS slot.

thing now work perfectly...

thanks for the help

Great Job MnNCOMM and glad your problem is resolved nerfquna. Take care Dave
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