PC not recognize CDROM drive

Posted on 2000-05-09
Last Modified: 2010-04-27
PC, Win 95, AMD K6-2/333
System had been working well for over a year. The hard drive was going bad so I replaced it. Got it all partitioned with no problem.
Chose the "Express" setup for the Acer CDROM driver & it said it installed OK.
Now I'm ready to install the Windows 95 operating system from CD ROM but I can't change to D: prompt in dos. During bootup it shows that it found the drive. In Setup "Integrated Peripherals" all IDE options are set to Auto. Dos prompt changes to C: with no problem but sees d: as an invalid drive.
When I put the Win 95 disk in the ROM drive the drive light comes on but it won't read the disk.
I thought perhaps something happened to the drive so I bought a new Acer CDROM RW drive & get the exact same symptoms.
Question by:vintel

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Basic questions-How many partitions on your hdd?.When the machines boots and loads the cdrom drivers what drive letter does it allocate to it?.Is it loading cdrom drivers?.

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The CD Rom driver may be setting the drive to a different letter. Also, you may want to try a CD Rom support bootdisk instead.

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ID: 2792496
One partition on the HDD, C:.

I don't know how to ascertain what drive letter is assigned to it. In DOS it does not recognize D: as a valid drive. I also tried other letters up to L:.

When I loaded the CDROM driver it said that the installation was successful.
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Vintel, what you need is a bootdisk with cd-rom enabled. The driver that you installed is no good for that. As joe mentioned, go get that bootdisk from the site he posted.

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ID: 2792618
the only command that seem to be missing is your mscdex.exe. You may have see your CD driver install but you also need this command to assing a letter to your CD-Rom.

The command is the following

mscdex.exe /d:mscd001

the /mscd001 could be something else depending of your device command in config.sys on your boot disk

just repeat the exac same key and it will give you your letter

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ID: 2792627
Or, go to the ACER website.  They should have the proper dos drivers for you.

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ID: 2793710
Autoexec.bat contains the following-
Rem C:\cdpro\MSCDEX /D:MSCD001 /V

I went to There are so many options I'm not sure which to chose. One I went to look at was full of warnings about not using it if you don't know what you're doing. I thought I'd wait & see if there was another solution to my problem before I make it worse.

Acer web site was my first stop but I found no solution there.

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ID: 2793887
I'm trying to figure out why would that line in your "Autoexec.bat" is REM'ed?

Rem C:\cdpro\MSCDEX /D:MSCD001 /V

You still have not installed Windows right?

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ID: 2794068
When you boot the system up from the Windows 95 boot diskette do you get any messages regarding the CD-ROM drive at all?

I believe that having the MSCDEX.EXE command rem'ed out of the Autoexec.bat file is causing the problem.

The Windows 95 boot diskette did not support a CD-ROM disk by default so the drivers for it needed to be added. The necessary changes are to place the driver command in the config.sys and then the MSCDEX.EXE command in the Autoexec.bat file.

Try running the Autoexec.bat file with the MSCDEX.EXE file un-rem'ed or simply execute the command at the DOS prompt.

If the driver did not load from the config.sys file it will give you an error message and if it did you'll then be able to change drives to the D: drive.


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ID: 2794585
Windows is not installed yet.

When booting up I get
"Found CDROM: 6x4x32"

From the A: Prompt & also from the C: prompt  I ran
C:\cdpro\MSCDEX /D:MSCD001 /V
I got a "Bad command or file name" response to each one. Also tried it without the spaces.

I don't know if this has any bearing on the problem or not but I can address my floppy drive as BOTH A and B. Changing directory to either one will read the floppy. It is an LS120 super drive.

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ID: 2794607

Remove the "REM" from before this command line in your Autoexec.bat file.

Rem C:\cdpro\MSCDEX /D:MSCD001 /V

Save the modified Autoexec.bat file.
Restart your computer

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ID: 2794865
Go to this site and download both of these bootdisks, one will work for sure.

This one should work just fine: 98BOT10A.EXE

But just in case get this one too: 95BOT245.EXE

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ID: 2795204
The Autoexec.bat in the suggested download had the CD-ROM drive designated as R but it activated the drive. I changed it to D & it is now ready to load Windows.
Thank you

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