Invoking X Windows or CDE through Exceed

I am using Exceed to connect to a Solaris 2.8 machine and would like to invoke X Windows or the Common Desktop Environment onto my desktop (Win2K).  

What are the commands to do this?
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From the Start button, open your Exceed pull down menu and click on xconfig. Then double click on the Communication icon - you will be presented with a window in which you will be required to put in things like hostname information etc ... under xconfig - you will also have to click on the Screen Definition icon and select single window mode. you should now be ready to invoke the Exceed executable and log in using CDE (or whichever window manager your Solaris server puts out)
mraibleAuthor Commented:
I can login to the Solaris box and get a command line interface through Exceed.  My problem is that I know it's possible to get the CDE or XWin on my desktop FROM the Command line interface.

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Afer you started xconfig, go to "communication" and choose "XDMCP -broadcast". There is no place to input hostname information in the communication. In the "XDMCP-broadcast" mode, you will be able to see a list of host name after you start Exceed.

If you do not see the host you want, you may need to start xdm in the host.
Why dont you use X manager . You can get an evaluation version (30 days) at its really useful tool to connect to solaris and to invoke CDE. But your server should broadcast the service.

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Exceed is a wonderful X oriented application suite.

Go to the application called Xconfig, it is a GUI access to the exceed.cfg

Click on the little sattelite dish labeled Communications

Make the mode XDMCP-broadcast

Hit the configure button.

Put a check in the XDMCP-Broadcast box.
it will now allow you to edit the     Host List File: xdmcp.txt (by hitting the edit button).

In this file, list all the Suns that you want to CDE to...

This will allow you to simply start Exceed, from the main Icon, and it will broadcast query all of the machines in your list, providing you with a scrollable list of servers, select one and hit OK, and you'll get the CDE Login screen.

I also recomend that you hit the Security Icon, and edit the:
Host Access Control List:  xhost.txt

to prevent unauthorized hijacking of your CDE session and Xserver.
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I use Exceed on:
PC @ Work (NT)
PC @ Home Win2K
Laptop on the road (WIN95)

I access 25 different UNIX boxes...  the steps I list will work.

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