Appending data to a CSV file

How can append the data collected in a table to a CSV (commar seperated variable) file using VBA.  I know I can open the file itself into Access and add the data to it and save it however this would take sometime.  I was wondering if there was a less time consuming method.


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nico5038Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Using a write after opening the file in APPEND mode is the fastest.

The only other way is to create the whole file from the tables if it's still there.

Or just create a new file and append it in Wordpad or Word by inserting the new file at the end. But I think your not waiting for that manual solution.

Hello Simon
Try using the TransgerText.

DoCmd.TransferText acExportDelim, "Table1", "Output1.Txt", True


This is one that I use now.

 strFullPathCSV = "C:\Data\NewCSV.txt"
    DoCmd.TransferText acExportDelim, , "qsel_CSV", strFullPathCSV, True

Hope this helps

To WonHop,
From Help: "Microsoft Access creates a new text file when you export data from Microsoft Access. If the file name is the same as the name of an existing text file, Microsoft Access replaces the existing text file."
If Simon wants to append to an existing file, another way will need to be used.
Thanks davereynolds.
Could he just create a table in the database that will hold the information he needs.  Run an Append Query to Add the new data to the existing table along with all of the previous information.
Then created the CSV file.

If he does not want to keep it in the current DB.  It can be exported and Appended and kept in a separate database.  Then from there create the CSV file.

All of that could be done with VBA.
Would something like that work?

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