Installing firewall feature set on Cisco 1750

What is the best way to put the firewall feature set on my 1750 -do I simply do a copy TFTP flash command to upgrade the IOS?  Is there something different I need to do?
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barttConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes there are somethings you need to know :
1. Is your Flash memory big enough to handle the IOS image ??
i.e. if you have a 1 mb flash card and the image is 3 mb it won't work

2. Is your fysical memory big enough to run the firewall feature set ???

Futher on it is a pretty straight forward operation

Just place the IOS image on your TFTP server and copy it with

>copy tftp bla bla (i'm sure youknow the correct command)

Hope this suite's your needs

good luck

First thing you do is making a backup of your 1750 by copying the flash and config to your TFTP server. Than you can copy the flash with the router software to your 1750 and should do.

SilasAuthor Commented:
just one more question Bartt,

I opened up the 1750 and I don't see anywhere to install another flash memory chip.  Do I need to replace the old one with the new -and basically reload the flash and config from TFTP?
Yep if there is no other place for a new flash chip is that the only way to do it.
Make sure that you backup your config with the command
> copy config tftp bla bla

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