Blue Screen Hang!

Can someone please tell me the cause of the computer being hang with a blue screen with this statement: "A fatal exception 0D has occured at 003B:000003DB."
I'll like to know the reason for it and how to fix it if possible. Hardware or software problem?
Thanx in advance.
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Brendt HessConnect With a Mentor Senior DBACommented:
Here's the description of an 0D error:
13 (0Dh): General Protection Fault

Any condition which is not covered by any of the other processor exceptions will result in a general protection fault. The exception indicates that this program has been corrupted in memory usually resulting in immediate termination of the application.

It can be caused by rogue programs, bad drivers, or even marginal memory chips.  More info is needed.

What programs do you always have running?

Have you updated all of your device drivers (sound, video, etc) to the latest versions?  If not, do so - even new PCs can come with older drivers.
Probably software, generally occurs when pc has been shut down improperly many times, along with disk maintanance not being performed.

Solution (possible), always shut down from the Start>Shutdown menu.
Run Scandisk and Disk Defrag on a regular schedule.

Clean up your disks of *.tmp files, apps that you no longer use, etc.

Other wise, if nothing works, you can always try this:

Automatically Reboot on the 'Blue Screen of Death'

Windows NT workstation will halt by default when you get a dreaded 'Blue Screen of Death' (BSOD). Changing this setting will force Windows NT to automatically reboot when it crashes instead.

1. Open your registry and find the key below.

2. Change the value of 'AutoReboot' to equal '1' for automatic reboot, or '0' for disabled.

3. Exit the registry editor and reboot for the change to take affect.

Note: This function can also be enabled from 'Control Panel | System | Startup/Shutdown | Automatically Reboot'. This feature is enabled by default on NT server, and disabled on NT Workstation.

Registry Settings:

Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\CrashControl]
Value Name: AutoReboot
Data Type: REG_DWORD
Data: (0 = disabled, 1 = enabled)
Possibly Hardware.
After recieving a few "BSOD" messages myself and hearing noises from inside the box itself, I took it in for a service.
The CPU fan and heat-sink were clogged with dust and air-borne grime.The CPU was overheating.
Since then,no problems!
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pennyroyalAuthor Commented:
I'm afraid both the answers don't fit the solution.
The PC is brand new! No dust problem there. As for software, my PC is newly installed with Windows98se and everything is going on smoothly.
The Blue Screen appears after some intense use of the PC for long periods. Such as playing games for hours and surfing the net for hours as well, with lots of multiple windows.
The only guess I have so far is RAM problem. At times, there might be Blue Screen with VXD problem occured as well.
Please advice...
Ok.. So by using windoze for a couple years now... i know its not the best OS to run.. but the best user friendly...

And i still know that windoze is realy dificult to understand.. even Bill cant understand it...

You might want to try and download all the suggest patch for your windose version...

also wen Playing games for a good lapse of time.. why dont you try giving a break to you PC maybe a 20 minutes every 2 hours.. <--Optionnal...  i never do this myself.. --->
depending of you PC...

pennyroyalAuthor Commented:
I still think that it's a hardware problem and not software problem. If it's really a OS problem, why the rest of my friends are not facing this problem?
I just can't pin point what cause this blue screen to happened, that's all...
pennyroyalAuthor Commented:
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Brendt HessSenior DBACommented:
Is there any 'In' in  your fatal exception message?  Usually, I see them with a message like "A fatal exception xx has occurred at yyyy:zzzzzzzz in VxD blah blah".  This usually gives a hint as to the real problem.
pennyroyalAuthor Commented:
Yup, saw those blue screen with VXD in it as well.
If I'm not mistaken, those VXD files refers to the display driver. One thing for sure, it concerns of the graphic card. Either hardware problem or driver problem. The best is getting the latest driver for it or simply change the card altogether.
I've already written in my type of blue screen message above. Please see above. The key word to it should be: "a fatal exception 0D". What does this mean? And what's the cause of it?
Still looking for the exact answers!
Brendt HessSenior DBACommented:
Speaking of bad RAM, you might check this MS page for some possible workarounds without having to replace your memory:
pennyroyalAuthor Commented:
Wonderful stuff...
Still can't really solve my problem because my PC only hangs at times. So, can't really pin point the faults.
Nonetheless, your explaination and that site you've given me really rocks! Explains a lot...
Thanks for the info. I still suspect it's RAM problem of mine.
About RAM, got a new question coming up soon...
Enjoy the points.
pennyroyalAuthor Commented:
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