Modem drops connection after ~ 1-2 min

I have a problem dialing into a remote computer using Carbon Copy.  After a minute or two, the data stops moving, (the modem lights go dead) and the connection is dropped.  I'm sure the problem is on the remote side as I can dial into other systems and keep a connection for as long as I need.

I suspect that there are phone line problems at this location as we had another computer at this location that had the exact same behaviour.  I have changed the port speed to 38400 (it is a 56K USR Internal on an Asus P3BF MB) and set the Receive and Transmit buffers to low.  These changes have not altered the behaviour.

Are there any other changes I can make to make the connection more stable?  I not concerned with speed--I just want the connection to be stable.

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vikiingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As yopu're using Carbon Copy, I supose you're dialing by hand. Then, just before issue the ATDT command to put modem to dial, execute


Then, ATDT

If you're using automated dialing sequence, then add extra settings for modem:

My PC => Control Panel => Modems => General tab => Choose your modem's brand => Properties => Connection tab => Advanced => Extra settings  (oofff !!)

There, you can write  N0S37=9
>>I not concerned with speed--I just want the connection to be stable.

Default mode is "automode", which lets both modem to negotiate higher speed.

Issue an ATN0 (number zero, not letter "O") command in order to disable automode detection. Once set so, register S37 will control maximum speed at which both modem will connect:

S37=1-3 Attempt to connect at 300bps
S37=5   Attempt to connect at 1200bps
S37=6   Attempt to connect at 2400bps
S37=7   Attempt to connect at V.23
S37=8   Attempt to connect at 4800bps
S37=9   Attempt to connect at 9600bps
S37=10  Attempt to connect at 12Kbps
S37=11  Attempt to connect at 14.4Kbps
S37=12  Attempt to connect at 7200bps

Setting S37 properly will force connection to desired speed. Give a try to see if speed is your problem (perhaps telco line of remote location is too noisy).
PaulHewsAuthor Commented:
Say I want to try 9600 bps, do I put
"ATN0 S37=9" in the extra settings for the modem properties?  If not, where do I specify these settings?
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PaulHewsAuthor Commented:
Thanks vikiing,  I'm going to try it at that speed for awhile and see if it works.  If no-one else has any better suggestions, I'll give you the points, but I want to leave it open for a few days.
>>but I want to leave it open for a few days.

Sure !!!; that's why I didn't suggest an answer, but a comment only.
PaulHewsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info viiking.
¿Have it worked? Glad to have helped you; and thanks 4 the points !!!
PaulHewsAuthor Commented:
Actually, the modem recently failed, and we had it replaced.  A relief actually, as the new modem seems stable.  But I'm glad to have this information anyway.
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