Default path for ISQL

I have just started using SQL server a few weeks ago.  How can I set the default path in ISQL for scripts?  Every time I go to open a script it defaults to C:\mssql\binn  I keep my scripts in a different folder, how can I change this default?  A registry setting or something?

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manchulaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Run isql from the folder, where you have the script files. You need not have to give path for either the isql exe file, or for your script files.

(When you install SQL Server, automatically, its Binn directory will be added to the Path variable.)

Hope this helps you.
You can not change this :(
ISQL always uses by default the directory ISQL was run from.
JsanAuthor Commented:
Can I use a shortcut from a different folder?
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