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Conversion to PDF

I am looking for a conversion utility that can convert many different data formats (such as TIFF, MS-Word, WordPerfect 5.1, etcetera) to PDF suitable for displaying in IE4.

The utility must run in a Sun SOLARIS unix environment.

A company called Inso (www.inso.com) has a product that does almost exactly what we want, but they convert to HTML, rather than PDF.

Cost is not a problem at this stage.

Lots of points for someone recommending something that leads to a solution.
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I believe the only software that can create PDF files is Adobe Acrobat, the full version not the reader only.  I have not heard of any other software product that can create PDFs, but it only runs on Mac and Windows
First, take a look at AutoVue, by Cimmetry Systems. You can find more at their site (www.cimmetry.com) - it runs on Unix, it will read all the file types you listed and it states it will convert these files into several 'popular' formats including TIFF.

If that doesnt do the trick, check out two other places: www.pdfzone.com (a comprehensive library of PDFinfo and tools) and http://createpdf.adobe.com; they offer a web-based service for PDF conversion where the end-user uploads their native file format and gets back a PDF.

Good Luck!
http://www.acroforms.com/dynamicPDF.html has a description of a Perl solution for generating PDFs (pdfs with something resembling animated gifs even see http://www.acroforms.com/archive/banner.pdf)

I'm not sure if its completely suitable, but it might be worth a look.
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grahamn1Author Commented:
I'm rejecting this answer at the present time to get more input from other users.


Have had a look at AutoVue and I find it buggy and slow.

Continuing to look.........

how about ghostview

You should have a look at this site as it has some useful resources and might contain exactly what you are looking for.


PDF Tools Page :-


Have a look and see what you think,

grahamn1Author Commented:
Adjusted points from 300 to 350
grahamn1Author Commented:
Link 1 converts *from* PDF, not to.

Link 2 doesn't run under unix.

Link 3 doesn't run under unix.

Sorry to reject your answer - will increase points to 350.

Well, if cost is not a question, try to create pdf online from adobe:


or Adobe Acrobat Distiller Server (too expensive may be):

grahamn1Author Commented:
The problem with virtually all of Adobe's stuff is that they only convert from Postscript to PDF. They have no conversion engine to handle word processing docs such as WP5.1 or Word.

Is there a tool which anyone knows of to go from HTML to PDF?

First of all, if you want it from Word, it does not have to work in Solaris. If you want some tools in win environment (that convert from .html to .pdf), there are few, but none of them work in Solaris, I guess.
There is an option in Word 2000 to do it (make .pdf), I recall, but I'm not sure.
Since Word will read HTML, and will write (at least with the appropriate addin) PDF, it would seem to do what you want, except for that little unix detail.  I think, tho, you need an addin to Word from Adobe to write PDF, at least in Word 98 you do, I haven't tried Word 2K.

I'm sure I saw a PDF writer for unix on one of the usenet groups, but I wasn't interested so didn't save the link.  May have been Linux only tho.

Why not plunk a Winblows PC on your network as a PDF server.
grahamn1Author Commented:
Yep, Adobe does provide some macros to permit Word to produce PDFs, but obviously, that is not under Unix.

Does anyone know of something that does it under unix?
Interleaf, what used to be the best choice for this type of work, has been acquired by Broadvision and has few Solaris tools left.

Documentum, with and add-on PDF tool, is still available on the Solaris platform. (www.documentum.com and www.cdcsolutions.com/products/tools.htm)

A Java based PDF writer can be found at: http://www.lowagie.com/iText/

And, finally, here's how a department at the U of Florida is doing it:


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