Capoeira MP3

Can someone please tell me where can I download Capoeira MP3s ?
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simonetConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Here's one site with lots of capoeira songs:
(click on the button Músicas)

For your information, I found those links at Cadê?, a search engine for Brazilian sites.

Here's the query, which returned all the sites (the above are already filtered out for you):


Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil
your best bet would be

napster  you can get lots of MP3 from here the url for this program is

or you can also go to

I found it on but they do not have exact url for it since the use a dynamic page

i also found it here

here is another posting

use this search engine to find more
avicoAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your quick answer.
However, I was not looking for mp3 search engines, since I have already searched in dozens of them.

What I'm looking for is Capoeira music, and all of the URLs you've stated give me mp3 files whose name contain the word 'Capoeira'. Aparently those are not capoeira mp3s but music tracks taken from a game or a motion picture soundtrack of some kind.

Free Tool: ZipGrep

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Do you mean songs people use to dance/fight capoeira (the songs that use berimbau, atabaque, pandeiro, etc) ?

avico you diid not specify what other then Mp3 and the name. I also gave direct links where I could a lot of the pages are dynamic which means there is no direct URL for the file.
>means there is no direct URL for the file

In the pages I suggested, yes, there are hard links to lots on capoeira songs. I guess you just looked for htem on the wrong sites.

briancassin, do you know what capoeira is? Capoeira is not the name of a song, but a mix of fight and dance originated in Africa, which is practiced a lot in Brazil as a sport. The fight/dance is conducted along with some musics that use instruments from Africa (berimbau, atabaque, pandeiro, etc), which set the rythm of the dance. The lyrichs of these songs often talk about love to nature, to the past, to their ancestrals, and about capoeira itself.

Practicing capoeira require very refined physical skills, strength and very well coordinated moviments between the 2 "capoeiristas". Although it's was first used as a fight by the slaves, today there's no physical contact between the participants, and the show is provided by the grace of the moviments.

If you're interested in knowing more about capoeira, just let me know.

avicoAuthor Commented:
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