Force user to log out?


I have an Web application that I need to make the web users "log out"(to clear their authentication info) after they pressed a button. That means when they try to click on something on the website, the system should prompt them for user name and password again.

Is that possible?
I know there is this command "&login" can be used to force users to enter their name & password.
So is there any command I can use to force user log out instead?

Thanks a lot!
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DButlerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Under R4, and R5 when not using session-based authentication, you must close all instances of the browser to logout.

Try setting up session-based authentication -- under the "Domino Web Engine" subtab, under "Internet Protocols" in the server document.  Then issue a URL with "?login" appended -- as well as logging the user out, this will return the user to the home page as defined in the "HTTP" subtab.

Note that the next-to-last release of QuickPlace didn't work well on servers using session-based authentication.

For more information, see "Session-based name-and-password authentication for Web clients" in the Domino R5 Administration Help database.
A workaround to do a logout in R4 can be found by clicking here:

basically (as copied from the above link):
Create a "Logout Database" (in the same path or realm that the user logged into) that only lets a dummy user (ie with username=log password=off) login to it. Then you can create a logout link to this "Logout Database" and instruct endusers to use the dummy username and password. When the enduser logs into this "Logout Database" as the dummy user their real name and password will be cleared from the browser and replaced with the dummy username and password. Unfortunatley I don't know of any way to do this automatically (the end user is forced to type in the dummy username and password for this to work).
Another thing you could do which is not pretty; use javascript self.close() to close the browser.
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If you are using R5, and you have enabled session based auth, then just append '?logout' to the url, and u r there.

Big OOPS on my part -- that reference to appending "?login" was meant to read "?logout".  Apologies for not proofreading properly.  Thx ghassan99!
kspueaAuthor Commented:
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kspueaAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much, DButler & ghassan99!
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