DNS installation

I'm a new user to Linux and I've just installed the OS in a test environment. I would like to install DNS on the server.  What steps must I take to install DNS including how to get it installed on my new Linux server?

Thanks in advance.
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awoodbyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you're running redhat, you can get bind* from ftp.redhat.com and do an rpm -Uvh bind* to install the packages as well.

Otherwise, get the bind and bind-docs gzips from http://www.isc.org/bind/ and

tar xvzf
the bind packages, then if you want to be lazy, just cd  into the new directory, do
make install

you will now have /etc/named.conf which is where you add new domains to your dns.

I recommend browsing through the README or INSTALL file in the directory before installing just to get a grounding on what's going to happen though.


Have you checked the documentation.

Or alternately you can browse to http://www.isc.org/bind

It's not that hard.
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