Hub Configeration

I just want to know how important is it when plugging computers into a hub about there placement. For example should all the servers and print servers be plugged in the first ports and then all the users plugged in after them??? Should I have the power users closer to the beginning of the hub? or at the end?? etc... any help would be appreaciated


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It makes no difference whatsoever!

However, it is a good idea to implement some kind of pattern to the cabling

i.e. If your offices are cabled and the network points are numbered 1 - x and all points are, or at least have the potential to all be used, patch them through to the corresponding hub port - it makes things a lot easier to troubleshoot.

Second, try using coloured cables for different devices - comms equipment (routers) in green, servers in red and ordinary users, grey
Hub send packets to all its port anyway they are not smart like switches. so it does not matter that you plugging in which port.Color cable is good scheme to organized them.
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