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Red Hat Install

I am finally getting around to making an attempt to Install Red Hat 6.5 on my PC. I would like to keep 98 on one HD and intall RH on a second drive and set it as slave.  Is this a feasable process and any assistance to one with a good degree of comfort with the W98 OS, and none with Linux.  I have 20 G for the 98 and an available 10 G that I could install and use for the Linux OS.  Thought this might be better than attempting Dual Boot on one drive...or am I missing something?

1 Solution
I think dual  boot on one drive is the same as if on two drives only that you will have more space.
I would recommend keeping Linux as the primary master, because lilo(the boot loader) needs to be on the primary chain, and it will be over written if you have to install win98 again. You can use lilo to boot win98. RH6.5?? I believe you mean RH6.2. But yes, Linux can go anywhere, the only restriction is on the boot loader.
Boot off the CDROM, select disk for installation, partition and install type. The disks are named as:
Primary master /dev/hda
Primary slave /dev/hdb
Secondary master /dev/hdc
Secondary slave /dev/hdd
Make a small (~20MB) partition as /boot, a swap partition of size = 2xRAM, and the rest will be /. You can make separate partitions for /usr, /home, /usr/local, /var or /tmp, but these will not be necessary for a PC system. 10G will be more than sufficient for everything. Ask if you need anything more.
antozi, dual boot on one drive is almost the same, but with an OS like windows, the problems are more with dual boot.
I have Windowws 98 on my new computer along with Suse 6.1 and the computer came with windows 98 preinstalled ...
what I did was to install partition magic and freed some space from the fat32 partition and then installed linux, then the lilo loader and made
windows 98 the default booting system.
and it works well ...
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Hi baldridged, you can just have LILO on the master boor record of a floppy disk (And I don't mean a boot disk, just LILO in the MBR). Then to boot Linux just insert the disk - As you're only loading the MBR from the disk it takes less than a second to get the LILO promt up...
This way you can install Linux anywhere you like and you won't overwrite LILO if you wish to reinstall windows or something...

Good Luck
It is better to put linux on a separate drive than on your windows drive if you can help it. It saves you messing around with window partitions and possible loss of data. If you do this your second drive must be on your primary ide (slave since windows must be master). It seems you have done this.

Also note that since your are putting it on a drive that is 10GB you have to use separate partitions for your directories. By this I mean a partition for "/", "/usr", "/etc", "/home", and swap partition (or any variants, there are texts with suggested partitions). The reason for this is that LILO (linix loader program) will not recognise a bootable sector if the partition extends beyond the 1024 cylinder range on your harddrive. If you only used one partition + swap this would happen on a 10 GB harddrive. In LBA mode cylinder 1024 corresponds to 8.4GB. Therefore, by splitting into multiple partitions, you may set the bootable partition "/" in the first partition below the 1024 cylinder mark. This partition does not have to be very big. Your biggest partition should be /usr as this contains all the applications.
The bootable partition has to be /boot and not /. Adn the new lilo can boot beyond 1024 cylinders
baldridgedAuthor Commented:
How doI split point awards for different individuals who provided very helpful and appreciated advice?

Reduce points here, and put separate Q's for the others with the required points. If you are giving me the points, give them on this question, I have a small problem with the EE scripts and my browser. :(
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