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Dear all
I have an html web page in Arabic and English language the problem is that the Arabic page display as rubbish  when using Netscape Navigator but internet explorer came fine how can I solve this problem .

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anyanickyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Embedded fonts are your answer.  If your visitor doesn't have the font your page is using, the fonts are already embedded so there is no need to download them first.

Either of the following 2 sites will show you how to do this.
Well, it just depends what languages are installed on that computer. You might wanna write out an english message saying "This page is written in Arabic"

or whateva.

Good luck,
areeg99Author Commented:
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areeg99Author Commented:
to get clear picuter here is the sigth
the arabic lokke like rubbish in netscape but internet explorer is good
Looks like rubbish to me in both IE and NS.......maybe cuz I don't have any Arabic language installed? *laughs* you'd better talkt o someone arbaic about this.
Same here, looks like rubbish in both.  But Netscape didn't even show the entire page.  Perhaps an unmatched table tag or something.

Is there a specific font or arabic that you could specify?  I saw no fonts specified on that page.  If so you should use that font.  And you can even download it to their computer if they don't have it.  It takes a while to tload the font, and IE users have to agree for it to be installed (a security alert), but it works pretty well.  You can see how to do this at:

Good luck!
What you need to do is place a reference in the homepage that detects browser type and initiates a language pack installation when the page is loaded.  This way, if the viewers browser doesn't have the arabic language pack installed it will be downloaded.  Most browsers come with English only installed.
areeg99Author Commented:
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