dual boot with two win98`s

i have WIN98SE on my C: drive
i want to install WIN98 Hebrew Enabled
on my D:drive
(two harddrive,not PARTITIONS)
is there any way to do it like winnt
with menu which point to the desired
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XMR_BeaNSXConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you email me i have a text file on how to dual boot win98 and win95. will be the exact same setup throught the config.sys and autoexec.bat

Not without additional software. System Commander is supposed to be good for this sort of thing.
mustakiAuthor Commented:
well i thought maybe there any way to edit the config.sys so it will show you
options just like on the start up disk
and point to the os you want to boot to
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If you really want to do it yourself, visit Lee Chappell's page

He is a Microsoft MVP and has the best page on partitioning around. You will notice he suggests getting Partition Magic, but he has instructions (at the bottom of the page) for "Doing it Yourself". I have Partition Magic myself and would recommend it especially since it will do so much more for you.
Light Worker Of NorwayCommented:
Warning: The following should only be attempted if you have read everything through carefully first, are clear on what you are doing, and grasp the principles involved. I ask that you attempt this at your own risk, as I can't afford a lawsuit. thanks.. How it works

Having said that, if you follow the steps, you should not have any problems.

This method will work for any number of Windows 95 or 98 systems you wish to run simultaneously, any versions, provided you have the space and requires no special software and no disk partitioning. For testing purposes I dual booted Windows95a in traditional Chinese and Windows 98. Note that this procedure could be handy to create  alternate systems for multiple users, create a backup system, or to replace an existing one without removing the existing one right away. Corruption of any one system should not affect the other. The following method is based on a default configuration, with C:\Program Files. If yours is otherwise, the batch files must be edited accordingly.  

NOTE: Most "OEM" versions of Windows 98 (sold with new computers) will not install on a partition where there are existing Windows 95/8 system files (multiple compliance checks are done). This method is intended primarily for retail versions.

How to dual boot Windows 95 and 98 (or another 95)

Part 1 is preparation, and has six steps. It only need be done once.

Part 2 is switching systems, and is one step and a reboot.

Part 1 (Preparation)

Step 1

Create 2 new folders, C:\boot95 and C:\boot98

Step 2

Right click, drag, "Copy here" each of the following files in the root directory of C: into the folder boot95. They are hidden files, so if necessary, go to Explorer, View, (Folder) Options, View, "Show all files", "Do not hide extensions of known file types".

       (if they exist)
 Note: Since these two files are unecessary in Windows 95 and 98, they may not exist. If either of these files does not exist, or if they are empty, the batchfile will produce the line "0 files copied" instead of "1 file copied" for this part of the operation. This is unimportant, but if it bothers you, create the files with at least one line such as this:
REM Placeholder file  




NOTE: If you are using DriveSpace disk compression, and intend to dual-boot Windows 95 and Windows 98 then there is something you need to know, the DriveSpace files are different versions, and a modification to this procedure is necessary, adding 2 more files to those listed above. Please read this report from a user who encountered and solved this issue. If you are not using disk compression or are booting two copies of the same version Win9x then carry on.

Step 3

Place two MS-DOS batch files using the lines below into the root of your C: drive. You can download them here then unzip them to C:
These batchfiles will perform a series of simple steps for you each time you want to switch to your other system.
This is what the two batchfiles look like.


@echo off
echo This is Boot95.bat. Run this if you are running
echo in Windows 98, and wish to reboot the computer
echo into Windows 95 . After you continue,
echo immediately close all other programs, restart
echo your computer,and reboot to Windows 95.
echo Press Ctrl-C to exit now, otherwise,
ren "Program Files" "Program Files.W98"
ren "Program Files.W95" "Program Files"
attrib -h -s -r c:\boot95\*.*
copy C:\boot95\autoexec.bat autoexec.bat
copy C:\boot95\config.sys config.sys
attrib -h -s -r command.com
copy C:\boot95\command.com command.com
attrib -s -r -h msdos.sys
copy C:\boot95\msdos.sys msdos.sys
attrib -s -r -h io.sys
copy C:\boot95\io.sys io.sys
echo Close this window now and reboot to enter Windows 95.
echo If you change your mind, do not continue running this
echo system unless you execute boot98.bat first to restore
echo the Windows 98 configuration.


@echo off
echo This is Boot98.bat. Run this if you are running
echo in Windows 95, and wish to reboot the computer
echo into Windows 98 . After you continue,
echo immediately close all other programs, restart
echo your computer,and reboot to Windows 98.
echo Press Ctrl-C to exit now, otherwise,
ren "Program Files" "Program Files.W95"
ren "Program Files.W98" "Program Files"
attrib -h -s -r c:\boot98\*.*
copy C:\boot98\autoexec.bat autoexec.bat
attrib -h -s -r config.sys
copy C:\boot98\config.sys config.sys
attrib -h -s -r command.com
copy C:\boot98\command.com command.com
attrib -s -r -h msdos.sys
copy C:\boot98\msdos.sys msdos.sys
attrib -s -r -h io.sys
copy C:\boot98\io.sys io.sys
echo Close this window now and reboot to enter Windows 98.
echo If you change your mind, do not continue running this
echo system unless you execute boot95.bat first to restore
echo the Windows 95 configuration.


Step 4

Rename C:\logo.sys to logo.bmp (if it exists). This will allow the proper Startup screens to appear when booting each system. (thanks Mark J)

Before installing Windows 98, rename the Win95 "Program Files" folder to "Program Files.w95". Do not reboot your machine at his point. You are ready to install Windows 98.

Insert the Windows 98 CD-ROM and restart in Ms-dos mode with cd-rom drivers loaded,or else with the Win98 folder from the CD copied to the hard drive. Begin Windows Setup, and proceed until you are prompted to name the folder to install Windows to. Change the path shown in the field from C:\Windows (this would overwrite Windows 95) to C:\Win98. A new system setup will be the result. You may close the warning prompt and complete Setup. Note, a new Program Files folder is also being created, since you renamed the old one a moment ago before you started Setup.

Step 5

After Windows Setup is complete, you will find yourself in a new installation of Windows. Repeat step 2 above, copying the root files, now different, only this time copy the files to the folder C:\Boot98.

Step 6

On the Windows 98 Start Menu, create a shortcut to the file C:\boot95.bat. Do the same with the Windows 95 Start Menu (a shortcut to C:\boot98.bat). You may want to be careful and not make these too accessible if you want to make sure no-one else uses them.

That's the end of the preparation. Actually switching from one system to the other is two steps. Run boot9x.bat and reboot your computer..

Part 2

Booting your other system (all you need to do from now on)

Click the shortcut you just created. This will run the batchfile that   you placed in C: which replaces all your boot files with the other versions and switches Program Files folders.

Restart your computer immediately as directed.

Your other system will boot.

More Info and Tips

Do not try to run the boot9x.bat files from an Ms-dos command prompt outside Windows. The long file names will not be recognized.

Don't switch systems while in the middle of installing new software. Complete all reboots first.

If you are using Outlook Express already, you may want to locate the Mail folder in the registry and point both your mail programs towards it. The key is in the registry under "Store Root".

Most programs you install will default to the Program Files folder. To avoid installing them twice, once in each system, create a new folder for programs you plan to use on both systems, call it "Shared Program Files" (or whatever). Once you install in each system, both will use the one set of files, with their own system files and registry entries of course.

Variations and other Errata

Installing to a different partition (If you have one)

If you install the Win98 folder to a different partition instead of to the same one as Windows (i.e. D:\Win98) then the new Program Files folder will also go there. This means you can remove all references in the above method to the renaming of Program Files, and concentrate on only the replacing of the boot files. This also means that you can boot to an Ms-dos prompt, run boot95 or boot98 as the case may be, and exit to restart in the chosen operating system.

Creating another partition:

This can be done with Partition Magic or Partition Manager (freeware). This allows you to either boot from a different primary partition and/or install Windows to a different partition. Discussion and links to these programs are elsewhere on this site. Search

Upgrading while keeping the old system

Right click / drag copies of the folders C:\Windows and C:\Program Files. These new folders will be called "Copy of Windows" and "Copy of Program Files" and are duplicates of the originals with all the files. They can now be renamed to Win98 and Program Files for the new Setup adapting the above method, causing the new system to be an upgrade, while keeping the original system.

Mr Sonny

You copied and pasted Lee Chappel's stuff without any acknowledgement who did the work. In any event, you shouldn't lock the question with another experts advice. I know you wouldn't like it if I did it to you.
Light Worker Of NorwayCommented:
Sorry !

sorry i forgot to paste in the acknowledgement who did the work.. and belive me, i will never do that again, just ment to help !!!! so, i'm really sorry ... (I hope u forgive me !!)
Around here, unless you are sure you have the answer and you are sure no one else has said the same thing prior to your post, you just do a comment. You have the option to change your answer to a comment on your page so that other experts won't be locked out from helping. You really don't know about the expertise of the person posting, so what seems easy to you, may not be an answer to them.
mustakiAuthor Commented:
Mr sonny`s answer (Lee Chappel's to be
More accurate)
is great but xmr_beansx sent it first

thanks anyway
mustakiAuthor Commented:

thanks for your help

no problem i got lots of info on stuff like that keep my email if you'd like
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