Native method problem


I have a c language method that returns a pointer to struct (defined in c file) and
I want to use this c language to receive the value of the members of the structure
returned by the 'C' function.I cant use pointers in java.So how could I use the c function
to get the values of the struct returned by the 'C' function

Thanks sridhar
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falterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you only have to define the native method accessed by Java as a native method in your class.
Methods called inside your JNI code has not to be visible to your Java code.
Think about printf or something else its also a method called and you didn't declare as native Java method.
Also JNI Methods have special Signatures
created by javah from your class.

Hope this helps
You have to write a wrapper which converts the pointer to an Java Object

The wrapper calls the C-function
- getting the data from the struct
- creating a Java Object
- putting the data into the attributes of the Java object
- return this object to the JVM
kesavan_sridharAuthor Commented:
To Falter

Thanks for your response, but is it required to have dependent methods of
a c method to be declared as native method? I mean, if I have a abc() method
of c which I use as a native method
and this abc() method calls some xyz()
method in the c file should I
declare xyz() also as native method
in java file .please explain.

Thanks sridhar

kesavan_sridharAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much falter

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