SCSI CD-Writer wont install

i've been given a Plasmon  CDr4220 cd-writer & cant get it to work.

i've installed an adaptec SCSI card & connected the machines together.

When i boot up i get the following messages.

Adaptec AT/SCSI Bios
Version 3.10

There is a pause for a few seconds & i then get the following:

Drive C: already installed
Checking for SCSI target 0 Lun 0

After about 3-4 minutes. the following message appears:

Target 0 Lun 0 not found.

The PC will then load up Win95.

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oldgreyguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hmmmmmmm, on the SCSI card itself, there should be a white label that has a model number, something like AHA-2xxx, can you provide the model number
1/ is the SCSI id on the CD writer set to 0 or 1, if so change it to 2-6

2/ if the SCSI card has a BIOS for boot, go into the controllers setup (ctl + A) at the Adaptec prompt, and disable the boot bios enable
Is the drive terminated?  You might have to set a jumper on the back and terminate the drive.  If there are no other devices on the chain it shouldn't matter wich ID you pick.  If that still doesn't work, are you sure the drive works?
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I agree that this sounds like incorrect/missing termination.
oldgreyguy is on the right track.
Since you are probably using a standard IDE hard drive as C:, the SCSI controller is confused, since it is probably set to boot from a SCSI drive.
Disable the Boot BIOS on the SCSI controller, and then the CD/RW should be recognized as an extra drive.
You may need the CD drivers from the SCSI install.
Good Luck !
robhewittAuthor Commented:
Ive added a terminator to the CDR but cant figure out how to disable to SCSI bios?  ctrl + A does nothing when SCSI bios displays on startup.

This could be one of the dumb Adaptec cards used for CD-Rom stuff only - with no builtin BIOS at all. Please try to get the model number - it should show during the boot phase. Also it should say
Press Ctrl-A for setup options  or similar.
I still have gotten no answer to my question of "Do we know 100% that this drive works?"

robhewittAuthor Commented:
I may have found the solution thanks to your help.

The scsi card is adaptec 1542b.

searches on the adaptec site faq states my error target 0 lun 0 means the card is expecting to find a hard disk at
either id 0 or 1.

To disable this i have to disable the bios via jumper 6 on the card.

i'm off to find some sticky backed plastic!.

Thanks for your help.
robhewittAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help, i guess thats what happens when you get second hand hardware & no manual or disks.
That is an Old SCSI card !!  Well, as long as it works....
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