4.5: Font problem in RTFs

Following constellation on a 4.5 client:

-we have 5 richtext field in a table, each in a different column. All of them are computed and helv 8
-those fields are filled through the method getitemvalue from notesdocument class. It gets data from different fields of different sizes
- the richtext fields are defined as notesrichtextitems and data is append through the appendtext and addnewline methods from notesrichtextitem class.

Now this data is always appended as helv 10, even that the fields are defined as helv 8.

Anyone has an idea what we can do to show it in the correct fontsize ?

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ghassan99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Bernd,

I checked this for u, I never used 4.5 myself, but I gathered that it is set to Helv 10, take a look at this solution, I dont know if it helps though:)


You can use NotesRichTextStyle to set the font when you write the text to the rich text field:

Sub Initialize
     Dim session As New NotesSession
     Dim db As NotesDatabase
     Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
     Dim doc As New NotesDocument(db)
     Call doc.AppendItemValue _
     ("From", session.UserName)
     Call doc.AppendItemValue _
     ("Subject", Inputbox("Subject?"))
     Call doc.AppendItemValue _
     ("Categories", Inputbox("Category?"))
     Dim richStyle As NotesRichTextStyle
     Set richStyle = session.CreateRichTextStyle
     richStyle.NotesFont = FONT_COURIER
     richStyle.FontSize = 14
     Dim richText As New NotesRichTextItem(doc, "Body")
     Call richText.AppendStyle(richStyle)
     newPara = Inputbox _
     ("Paragraph of text for ""Body"" item")
     firstPara = True
     While newPara <> ""
          If firstPara Then
               firstPara = False
               Call richText.AddNewLine(2)
          End If
          Call richText.AppendText(newPara)
          newPara = Inputbox _
          ("Paragraph of text for ""Body"" item")
     Call doc.Save(True, False)
End Sub
Hello friends,

rich test style does not work with Notes 4.5. This feature was introduced in notes 4.6.

So u will g\have to live with it, or upgrade to 4.6 or above.

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PaebdbAuthor Commented:
I know that richtextstyle does not work for 4.5.
Upgrading is not an option, we have several thousands of installations which are surely not upgraded for this reason.
I wonder from where this helv 10 comes. Is it the standard setting ?
PaebdbAuthor Commented:
Gus, finally I can give you some points too :)

Thanx, my programmer just told me it worked perfectly !
How is live ? Did you persuade the british lady by now that germans are not that bad ? Hey and Bayern became champion this weekend !
Hi Bernd,

Thanx for the pts:))

Ummm life is fine, although I ditched the German babe, Im now very attached to a new Leb girl, I think its about time to hang out with someone of my own skin! lol

It was amazing how Bayern clinched that title, I personally was very shocked, it was unbelievable...u know even Beckenbaur was too, he was in Singapore and his wife told him on the mobile, the guy couldnt believe it too.

Anyway, how r u?  How is DB?  Still in Spain?

Take care,
PaebdbAuthor Commented:
Yup, last 5 days of work, then 1 month beach, from 1.July on I will work in Germany again.
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