List Box that allows icons without an imagelist

How can I get icons in a list box without using image lists? What control can I use. I want to display something similar to the standard Windows Browse Dialog.
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VBDudeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Now that I think of it, you can assign your icons by code if you want. Try placing the icons in a resource file then load them and assign them as you (bubbles) add items to your list view. You'll likely need a small (16x16 generally) and a large (32x32 generally) copy of each.

Here's free code to get owner-drawn comboboxes..
Um, AFAIK you can't. What is the reason why you don't want to use image lists?
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I Don't Think you can Do this sort of Thing in Visual Basic Without tons of Lines of API Code qhich won't reay be worth it The only other hing you can jeck out is

 May be there will be a control there
>How can I get icons in a list box without using image lists? <
How can you get icons in a list box with using image lists?
Plz, clarify your question - what do you want (start point - end point)
Perhaps he doesn't have any use of a Toolbar/Listview and feels like it's a waste of a 1Mb ocx to get only Imagelists. If so, you (bubbles) can find a replacement for the imagelist at, using some simple API's.
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