Response document on web

How do u create a response document on web
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snocrossConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is this the functionality you are seeking (Feel free to test this forum):

If so, it sounds like you have everything correct except in your VIEW PROPERTIES/OPTIONS check off 'Show Response Documents in a Hierarchy'

Same as you do in Notes except you can not just highlight a document in a view.  Instead you have to open the parent document and then click on a button that creates a response.  Let me know if you need more info...
amit_duttaAuthor Commented:
hello snocross,

I have designed one form, through which i have created few main documents. Now i want that when a document is opened with this form.  The user can see the response button, and on clicking the response button, the response form is opened in the same browser window, which is defined as a response type of form. Now when the user writes his response and submits the form, its should be saves as a response document to the main document.

How to do that??
amit_duttaAuthor Commented:
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amit_duttaAuthor Commented:
Thanx snocross ur comments helped me out.
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