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VXM, win98 crash. How to solve?

Posted on 2000-05-17
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-03-03
ASUS P5A motherboard, S3 Graphics, Quantum HDD, monitor NEC V520, Soundcard Creative 125Vibra. Logitech keyboard and mouse.
Ali chipset.
Machine initially boots up properly, works for 10 minutes,  then comp. signal starts working, maybe 5 minutes then stops.
In some cases when it boots, or just running some applications
blue screen comes out telling: Fatal Exception 0E lablalabah VxM NTKERN(0) or VxM VMM(0). And also in some cases machine simply shuts down, windows protection mechanism. Then when if I boot it again, it will show blue screen with same message just before GUI appears.
What is the possible cause for it?
Question by:kurman
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Expert Comment

ID: 2818707
Here's some info from Microsoft that might help:

Err Msg: While Initializing Device NTKERN: Windows Protection...

The information in this article applies to:

Microsoft Windows 98


When you are installing Windows 98 and your computer restarts for the first time, you may receive the following error message:

While initializing device NTKERN: Windows Protection Error. You need to restart your computer.
You may also receive one of the following error messages after Windows 98 Setup is completed:
Invalid VxD Dynamic Link Call to Device 3 Service B

While Initialing Device filename Windows Protection Error. You need to restart your computer.

If you try to start your computer in Safe mode, you may receive the following error message:
Himem.sys Has Detected Unreliable XMS Memory at address.

This behavior can occur if there is defective random access memory (RAM) in your computer.

To resolve this issue, remove or replace memory chips in your computer to eliminate bad memory. For information about how to remove or replace your memory chips, please consult your hardware documentation or manufacturer.

To work around this issue, use any of the following methods:

Method 1
If your computer has over 16 megabytes (MB) of memory, it may be possible to work around this issue by configuring your computer to only use 16 MB of memory. To do so, use the following steps:

Use any text editor (such as Notepad) to open the System.ini file in the Windows folder.

Add the following line to the [386enh] section of the System.ini file:


Save this file, and then quit Notepad.

Restart your computer, and then restart the Windows 98 Setup program.

NOTE: If you cannot start your computer in Safe mode, restart your computer, press and hold down CTRL key until the Windows 98 Startup menu appears, and then choose Command prompt only. Use a text editor (such as Edit.com) to edit the Windows\System.ini file.

Method 2
Restart the Windows 98 Setup program after you start your computer and choose Safe Mode Command Prompt Only. To do so, restart your computer, press and hold the CTRL key until the Windows 98 Startup menu appears, and then choose Safe Mode Command Prompt Only.

Method 3
Use the System Configuration tool to limit the amount of random access memory (RAM) available to Windows. To do so, follow these steps:

Restart Windows in Safe mode. To do so, restart your computer, press and hold the CTRL key until the Windows 98 Startup menu appears, and then choose Safe Mode.

Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click System Information.

On the Tools menu, click System Configuration Utility.

On the General tab, click Advanced.

Click the Limit Memory To <n> MB check box (where <n> is a number) to select it, and then set the memory limit value to 16 MB.

Click OK, click OK, and then restart your computer.


Hope this helps a bit.

Accepted Solution

pesty1 earned 200 total points
ID: 2825009
I hope the above answer fixes the problem but if not.

Are you overclocking perhaps or have the wrong CPU detected in the BIOS ?

Get into the BIOS and check the CPU settings,motherboard and clock frequencies in your BIOS setup.
I get the same errors from overheating or overclocking the board for too long.
Reduce the settings until the problen goes away.

Is this problem with a newly built box or fresh install of software  ?

Boot off a floppy , backup and then format the partition and reinstall the OS.

Expert Comment

ID: 2825503

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