Netscape ,Winmail.dat & Outlook 2000 problem

Corporate environment scenario - All users use Outlook 2000 except one user. They use Netscape Communicatior 4.72.

When a user sends an email with an attachment such as a Excel 2000 or Word 2000 file, the Netscape user sees the file attachment as a winmail.dat file. I have selected the Netscape users email properties in the Contact list and deselected "send in rich-text format". This works and now the Netscape user views the attachments as a Excel .xls or Word .doc file.

However, I am using Net folders to share a couple of Contact lists from my workstation and a user's email properties must be selected to "send in rich-text format" in order for users  to receive updates from the shared Contact lists.

The Netscape user receives mail from other Outlook 2000 users outside our environment and is able to view the Excel & Word attachments. I am almost certain that the email properties are not selected to "send in rich-text format".

Another question is will other Netscape users outside of our environment have problems receiving email from our Outlook users when they send them Excel or Word attachments.

THX ...  for the Support.

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VinceAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Anything happening with this issue?
Sounds like you've got a handle on the issue. Just make sure that you only select the RTF option on contacts that are using Outlook. That way no one will get the WinMail.DAT file that can't interpret it.
riversideAuthor Commented:
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riversideAuthor Commented:
THX ...  for the Help

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