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Color drop on HP890C

Replaced cartridge on HP with new one. Now only prints yellow and red. Replaced this cartridge with second, new cartridge - will only print blue! (Black continues as normal) HP support suggested cleaning contacts with alcohol; did so; no change. Reinstalled driver; replaced cable (both for the heck of it). If I swap both cartridges, they continue to print colors as noted above. Any idea how to fix?
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1 Solution
another user recently had the same problem you are experiencing.... they happened to run into a bad lot of cartridges they bought 2 from the same place both of them did not work. They got one from Hp directly and it worked I think they are having manufacturing problems with there cartridges

do a self test print first
disconnect the interface cable and while the printer is on you press the Power key and then press the   Resume Printing key which is just below the power key four separate times and release the power key. It should print out the primary colors
if colors are missing on this then it is definately a problem with the cartridges

here are some other scenarios but if the self test print failed then these are useless steps and just additional info.

IF you have a scanner inline with the printer it can cause odd colorization problems just like what you are describing if this is not the case then the following items are listed below

Make sure in your printer driver settings you do not have it selected for a photo cartridge if you do where red and blue would print out black would print instead because it treats the black ic as if it were pastel blue and pastel red and black  - that os what a photo cartridge contains and that goes in the place of the black ic.
if this is not the case follow info. below

1. Since the cartridges are self contained the printhead is in the cartridges since you have tried cartridges from the same place there is a possibility that you may be running into a bad lot of cartridges you can try getting the cartridges from another store also make sure you are using HP brand cartridges and not refill kits or a 3rd party manufacturers compatible cartridges if this does not help go to step 2

2. There is a brown ribbon cable in the carriage where the IC sits try cleaning this off with some paper towel and water but be gentle and make sure the machine is  unplugged. then completely dry it if there is ink residue there it can keep from making good contact with the ic's if you find ink that you cannot get off use rubbing alcohol but use it sparingly and do not put directly onto the strip put it on papertowel then wipe...if this does not help see #3

3. If none of this worked try a damp piece of paper towel (water on it) on the bottom of the cartridge where the printhead is located and blot the printhead then run through 3 cleaning cycles still no color then it is most likely a problem with the cartridge still

they way these cartridges work is the contacts in the printer send electrical current into the printhead which does several things iot detects the cartridge shows ink levels and also controls ink flow the way the ink comes out of them is by thermal meaning heat the inkjet you have is a thermal inkjet meaning it heats up that cartridge forcing the ink to come out of the cartridge by the pressure that the heat builds so the only part of the printer that can really fail is the connection in the carriage which is very rare and usually if something like that happens it is due to ink on it... actual failure of the machine itself it very rare in this case because there is no pump there is no printhead in the machine it is all self contained in the cartridge however if a cartridge from someplace else did not work and none of the steps above then call hp to complaint to get an ic sent to you

here is the url of someone who had the same problem as you 

macawmaAuthor Commented:
Bad cartridges! Tried cartridge #3 and 4 after you answered. #3 still NG, but #4 works perfectly. Thanks a lot!!
your welcome :)
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