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Problem with logging out the members

How can I check which members are currently logged in to the site ?
who they are ?
and If suppose aqnyone closes the browser window insted of loging out how can I force a system to log him out ?

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Are you using client or session vars?

:) dapperry
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I don't have code - but if I were thinking of writing some to track logged-in users then Application.cfm is the place to start. Make sure that they cannot see any pages unless they are logged in. Depending on the server capabilities you could then update a database for every page access (use one table per user). If you log every page access, you don't need to worry when a logout (session vars timeout) occurs.

ColdFusion 4.5 also has special template which executes every time a page is exited - As well as not being able to remember what it's called I can't actually think of a use for it (yet).
It sounds like you don't have them logging in now?  Is this ture?

If you have them logging in already
1. What is the system for the user logging in?

If not

You would need to create one and then have a cookie set to expire or a session set to expire....
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If you set CFID and CFTOKEN to "" then the session will disapate.  In addition you can set up a frameset with 1 frame.  On the frameset you use the onunLoad event.  From javascript you call the function on that event that loads a logout page, that sets CFID and CFTOKEN to "".  That way if someone types a new address into the browser's address bar, that the session will end right then and there, as well as ending when the browser is closed.

:) dapperry
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