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Windows is unable to load as cannot be found.Does one just reload Windows again to solve this problem?
When one starts getting  too many of the dreaded blue screens with fatal OE errors is this an indication of what????
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this may help you and explain some of those errors......

rerunning windows may or maynot solve the problem but it wont hurt.....
before I did this I would boot to dos and at the C:prompt type C:\scanreg/restore and pick a date of the reg.before this happened and see if that dont do the trick....James
Did you delete or rename it ( in an attempt to install or reinstall a OEM version of Win98? If so then continue with the install and when it asks for the directory make sure you specify "Windows" not "windows.0001" or anything other then just "Windows" This will preserve your current installed programs, you may have to switch from the default wallpaper and other small changes but most things will be just fine, this will replace the ""
"When one starts getting  too many of the dreaded blue screens with fatal OE errors is this an indication of what????"

That you are running a microsoft product.

OK, lets get serious, where do you get the "DBS"? in certain programs, or at random times?
DBS's with a 0E error usually pertains to memory.  Normally memory errors (not physical) with programs trying to use the same memory space, etc.

Re-installing windows does not necessarily fix the problems, but in most cases will.  A FRESH install of windows is probably your best bet.

If you are missing you can actually just extract it from the cab files and put it back in your \Windows directory.

As I said before, its probably best to do a nice FRESH install of windows - generally solves most or all of your problems!

Hi works perfectly for me, retart your computer or maybe the site might be down.

Good luck
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xNeoDKx           5/22/00

HA HA, are you really the loser you seem to be??? Go ahead and say something else so we can be sure.
Let me clue you in here, is a file in the Windows directory, not a web site.
If you don't have anything to add that is constructive then please keep the stupid comments to yourself.
If you are just missing follow the instructions here to extract a new one.
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If xNeoDKx's answer is the proposed one then obviously all other comments cannot be taken seriously. Living in a third world country I thought only idiotic comments came from here. Obviously I am wrong. Consrtuctive comments like those others submitted is what I have come  to expect from Experts Exchange . To put the record straight I was working in CoralDraw when the blue screen occurred which then required a reboot which then led to Windows not starting due to not found !
You mean comments from xNeoDkx?
There are others doing the same thing. Unfortunately. So far today, 5 stupid answers to questions I was following were rejected. And this one was the only one by xNeo.

You can post a complaint at Community support with a link to this page. I did it once on someone and am ready to do another. They sent him an email and I don't see him here anymore. But maybe he just changed his name.

Back to your problem. I get the impression you were having blue screen errors before this happened? And if you reload Windows, should be replaced if it is truely gone, but a reload will not help you with corrupt files since Windows will pretty much just check that things are "there".
   I think that maybe re-installing from either re-install or extract will not solve your problem in the long run. I think for something as obscure as this to happen to your machine without you expressly deleting it means that a more deep seated problem exists. Heres a quick list of questions to ascertain what it could be:

1. Have you recently had any viruses, this is a good file for viruses to delete or infect? Viruses can be hidden in many types of file that can be executed including DLL's
2. Have you had many system crashes lately or bad shutdowns?
3. Has microsoft scandisk been ran much lately on yout drive?
4. How old is your ram? and is it the correct speed for you CPU's internal bus speed?
5. How old is your hard drive?
6. Do you have any bad sectors on your hard drive? Run windows scandisk and perform a surface scan to check
7. Has scandisk ever reported any lost clusters or cross linked files? If it has and you selected discard and one of these cross linked files was cross linked with your then that file will be deleted too.
8. Do you have any driver conflicts in device manager?

You will however have to re-install or windows before checking the above out.

If you have any problems such as the above then it could potentially be anything causing it including:
1. Dodgey hard drive.
2. Bad ram, or ram that is too slow for you CPU's internal bus speed.
3. Faulty motherboard.
4. CPU overheating.
5. Wrong IDE drivers installed or conflicting with another device, IDE and some video cards are good culprits for conflicting.

A while ago I had a Win95 system crash, I reset the PC and microsoft scandisk alerted me that I had many cross linked files and lost clusters on my F partition (which happened to be my OS drive), it never booted again I got an error alerting me to the fact that I had no windows directory anymore. Scandisk had took my complete F drive and renamed all the files and directories to FILExxxx and DIRxxxx but not in any particular order that, which I thought was awfully nice of it. I reformatted the drive and reinstalled windows and all my software and it happened again and again. I replaced the motherboard and CPU fan and never had another problem with it.

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