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shell programming

As I am the beginner or shell programming, I need to know more. Can anyone of you suggest me 'some' good site for shell programming tutorial ?? (for beginner)
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I cannot recommend a web site but have a book on bash that I use

for more on the book, of course there is always

bash is the standard shell with most (all?) linux distros
Try IBM Developer Works at and look at the article titled: "Understand the basic constructs of the powerful bash scripting language"
I recommend the classical book
the Unix programming environment by
Kernighan and Pike. And then move onto the ora book of your preference.
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The site is about a csh tutorial , it is worth saying that csh is considered by many an inferior sciprintg language.
I agree bash is the most powerfull scripting language but csh is really very good.

In my opinion csh works great as an scriting languaje.

Probably tcsh is inferior than csh and in 1997 tcsh was considered the best shell to learn shell scripting.

ahchong, I suggest you to learn csh and bash, will see notice that with both you can do a lot.
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