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Is it OK to use the IP address generated by the configuration page of an HP printer in the setup of a Printer on NT?
I'm concerned because it seems as though the printer gets the address by DHCP and I'm worried that it may loose it's number my users will not be able to print untill I can get to the server and reprogram it.
It seems odd that HP offers this feature if it shouldn't be used.
Is this Ok to do?

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
It depends how long your leases are.  If your leases are one week, then the printer must be off for a few days before the address is returned to the pool.  If the printer is picking up a BOOTP address, then it'll pretty much remain the same.  Otherwise, set it manually.  

To answer your questions, of course it's ok.  But if you don't set it manually you do leave the possibility that one day it may end up with a different IP address.
You could also fix the DHCP server so it forces a particular IP address to the printer--I believe this is possible.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Yes, you could create a reservation for the printer.
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davidpmAuthor Commented:
By "reservation or fixing" are you talking about binding the mac address to the ipaddress

Are you saying that bootp has no lease?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
bootp is supposed to "permanently" assign the IP address.  I've rarely used it in any production environment, so I can't REALLY comment on it.  In DHCP manager you can assign a reservation for a specific IP Address to a Specific MAC address.  In this manner, the device is always supposed to get the IP address.  

My point of view is - if you KNOW you NEVER want that IP Address changing, set it statically.  It's a one time configuration.  If you plan on moving the device between different subnets, then set it with DHCP and a reservation.
davidpmAuthor Commented:
Setting the ip address statically seems to take a lot of button pushing at best but if that's the best to be done O well.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Yeah, but you never have to worry about it again.
Leew is correct.  You should use a static address.  You don't have to set the IP at the printers.  You can use telnet, or HP-Jetdirect.
To use telnet, just connect to the address assigned by the DHCP server, reconfigure with a address in a range not assigned in your DHCP pool.  If your DCHP server has all addresses in a segment avaible to address, you should cut back on the pool, so you have ranges for static devices like printers, servers and routers.
In you DHCP configure it to dont lease the IP of the HP Printer and go to the console of the printer and configure to maintain static the IP, its easy and secure.
davidpmAuthor Commented:
I think I'm getting somewhere here. I telneted into the automatically assigned address and got this report

 Type "?" for HELP, "/" for current settings or "quit" to save-and-exit.
 Or type "exit" to exit without saving configuration parameter entries
   ===JetDirect Telnet Configuration===
        Firmware Rev.   : G.07.03
        MAC Address     : 00:60:b0:f0:d0:57
        Config By       : USER SPECIFIED

        IP Address      :
        Subnet Mask     :
        Default Gateway :
        Syslog Server   : Not Specified
        Idle Timeout    : 90 Seconds
        Set Cmnty Name  : Not Specified
        Host Name       : Not Specified

        DHCP Config     : Disabled
        Passwd          : Disabled
        IPX/SPX         : Disabled
        DLC/LLC         : Disabled
        Ethertalk       : Disabled
        Banner page     : Enabled

This looks to me like I'm not using DHCP on the printer but it must have picked up the address from the beginning by dhcp otherwise how did it get the default gateway?

So if I just change the address to one not in the dhcp scope I should be alright Yes??

Sounds right to me.
Looks good.  Configure the DHCP pool to not assign addresses -  This will allow you to add printers and servers.  It looks like your router is allready on .1 so this is a good idea.
An additional idea is to include the address in the printer name.  For example bld-flr-ip.  You get sequential printer numbering by default this way, and a way to easley id the IP address.  If your LAN is smaller, you may want somthing simpler, but the concept works.

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davidpmAuthor Commented:
Comment accepted as answer
davidpmAuthor Commented:
Thank you all. I sort of ramdomly picked tbragsda for the points and partly because of the telnet idea which I had done before but had forgotton.
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