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Window Manager

Hello, I am facing a problem with Window Manager. Currently I am using Redhat 6.1 with GNOME , now what I want is to change to other window manager, I heard that there is other window manager like fvmw2, fvmw95, twm and many many. how can I switch to 'those' window manager I told before ??? (I am more interest in the window manager that it's interface like Microsoft Windows 95/98, I heard that fvmw2/fvmw95 is my answer, is it ??)

p/s: Please.... as I am the beginner of Linux, I need some help by using point form, that is like
first step : abc
second setp: ddd
which is step by step, thanks a lot !!!
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I am not sure which window manager you are currently running, but if you pull up the menu (either with a menu button on the bottom left or by (right)clicking on the desktop you should find an option to change the window manager (might be under settings or system or options).

If you are booting directly into X, there may be options in the dialog where you enter your login-name/password to set your window manager.  Check for a 'file' menu or an options box which says 'gnome' or so.

The window manager you are interested in sounds like KDE.  Don't be afraid to experiment, changing the window manager is usually pretty easy.  If your machine is a bit slower you may want to try xfce or blackbox, which are probably already installed.
well I have used fvwm95 but honestly I think that kde is closer to windows than those others.
make sure you have the kde package installed you can get it as an rpm from then write a file with just the line: kde
call it .xinitrc and put it in your home directory and startx make sure it is .xinitrc and  NOT xinitrc
 it should begin with a dot
If you want other users to use it too you can put this same file in /etc/skel such that all new users will by default have kde for a window manager.
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currently I am using GNOME, I found that there is a "desktop switchwing" for me to choose the anotherlevel window manager, after I clicked it, I can't change back to GNOME, what is the problem ???
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