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installed upgraded motherboard/memory .... help

I had a computer that worked, but was slow.  Upgraded to a new motherboard and memory.  Did this on 20 computers and it worked very smooth.  on the 21st computer I couldn't get windows to come up.  Formatted the hard drive and tried to install windows.  Came across errors.  Tried fdisking the drive and master boot record.  Still received follow error:

standard mode bad fault in MS-DOS extender
fault 000D stack dump 0000 0000 0070
raw fault frame.......

What is causing this??????
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try changing the memory out and also try a utility such as spinrite or nortons disk doctor... until you do some diagnostics or provide more info cant help you
Remove your memory card and reset it.  See if this helps.
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Would norton find something that scandisk wouldn't if I formatted the drive and had nothing on it?  In the process of switching out the memory
Nortons might find something in the electronics of th PCB board (if at all), that the format would not, but the utility really won't do anything different at the Format stage of the process.

As stated originally, I would really look at the memory at this point. if you have added memory, reduce it to the original modules just to try and narrow the issue down
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I tried replacing the memory and I am still crashing trying to install Windows 95
Where all 21 computers set up the same with hardware, and is it the same
cd and floppy as you installed the other 20 PC's with?
Need more info  :~)
I found this at microsofts KB..
There is information on Windows Err Msg: Fault in MS-DOS Extender, and a
list of why this could be happening.
hope this will help you
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Do not know what setting in the BIOS that was causing the problem, reset to optimal settings in BIOS and was able to install Windows.  THANKS BUNCHES.  and Thanks to all who gave me things to look at.