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Compaq Prolinea 4100 Hard Disk Upgrade

I'm working on a Compaq Prolinea 4100 and I want to upgrade the hard disk drive.  How do I enter bios to set up the new drive?
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When your computer is booting and during post there should be a key combo listed for setup

If not try F2 or F10 or delete key on bootup
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          on a compaq ,to enter setup
press f10 at the red compaq logo screen
when you first turn on the system
it will ask you to enter a language
and then give you options,such as i/o devices or system storage,pick one of them to get ide selection.
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Okay, done that, created setup and diagnostics floppies.  Machine won't accept the number of heads that this drive has, it's a Seagate ST38410A, 8.4Gb, 16383/16/63.  The nearest setup it will accept sees it as a 500Mb drive which is no use.  The machine will configure an old 850Mb drive correctly.
If you went into setup and have slaved this drive to pri-master ,try and set pri-slave to auto exit setup then save changes and see if the bios wont pick it up then also make sure and try both s and c for slave or channel select jumper on the new hdd you are trying to install.
I hope this helps.
There is no auto setting available, but the machine does detect the drive, albeit incorrectly.  CS would require a special cable, never seen one.  How on earth do you "slave a drive to pri-master"?!
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Bios upgrade it is then.