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ColdFusion error resolving parameter in AOL

I'm using a email form that works fine in standard browsers (ie. IE3, 4 & 5 as well as Netscape) but refuses to work from with AOL.  Any ideas?  No Form variables are getting through. After tinkering, I've discovered that if I remove the target="_blank" portion of the FORM tag it works fine.  I really would like this to load in a new page.  Any ideas?

---------- Error received when running form

Error Diagnostic Information
Error resolving parameter FORM.FIRSTNAME

The specified form field cannot be found. This problem is very likely due to the fact that you have misspelled the form field name.

The error occurred while evaluating the expression:


The error occurred while processing an element with a general identifier of (#Form.FirstName#), occupying document position (11:12) to (11:27).

Date/Time: 06/04/00 21:32:03
Browser: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.01; AOL 4.0; Windows 98)

----------------- Email Form \/

<FORM action="mod/ModEMail_EntryAction.cfm" target="_blank" method="post">
<TABLE height=301 style="HEIGHT: 301px; WIDTH: 636px" width=636>
<TD valign="top"> FirstName </TD>
<INPUT name="FirstName" maxLength="30" tabindex="1">
<TD>&nbsp;<INPUT name="HomePhone" maxLength="20"  tabindex="3"></TD>
<TD valign="top"> LastName </TD>
<TD><INPUT name="LastName" maxLength="50" tabindex="2" >
<TD>&nbsp;<INPUT name="WorkPhone" maxLength="20"  tabindex="4">
<TD valign="top"> Address </TD>
<TD><INPUT name="Address" maxLength="100" tabindex="5" >
<TD>&nbsp;<INPUT name="State" maxLength="2" tabindex="7" > </TD>
<TD valign="top"> City </TD>
<TD><INPUT name="City" maxLength="50" tabindex="6" >
<TD>&nbsp;<INPUT name="Zip" maxLength="10" tabindex="8" ></TD>
<TD valign="top"> EmailAddress </TD>
<TD colSpan=3><INPUT name="EmailAddress" maxLength="100" style="HEIGHT: 30px; WIDTH: 495px" tabindex="9"></TD>
<TD valign="top"> Message </TD>
<TD colSpan=3><TEXTAREA cols=50 name=Message rows=6 tabIndex=10 maxLength = 1073741824></TEXTAREA></TD>
<tr><td> Company </td><td colspan="3">
<INPUT name="Company" maxLength="100" tabindex="11" size="60"> </td></tr>
<INPUT type="submit" value="SEND MAIL" tabindex="12">

__________________ Action Form \/

SELECT EName,EEmail,EType,EClose,EReturn
<CFMAIL query="emailto"
SUBJECT="Email Received"
Email from #Form.FirstName#.

This e-mail confirms that your email message has been received.
We will respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you for visiting our dealership.


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I don't know why this error is showing up... I have a very similar form that has a FirstName field... that I use within the CFMAIL tag and no problems.

Here is my code:
<cfif IsDefined("FORM.Sendto")>
        SUBJECT="Message submitted from- Web Site's Feedback Page">

                   A suggestion/comment was posted from our Web site's
                           Feedback page regarding #Form.Subject#
                              Date: #LSDateFormat( Now(),"mmmm dd, yyyy")#
                   Name: #Form.FirstName# #Form.LastName#



The only difference I can see is that my CFMAIL ending ">" is not on the next line :-)

You can try that... you never know what makes a difference these days.

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On your action form, try and find out what variables are coming through.

_________________________ Action Form \/


It sounds simple but I have found this works better than most ideas.
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Edited text of question.
I'm having a similar problem, but it seems to be sporadic, which would make me suspect AOL's caching system.

I have to troubleshoot why I can't connect securely to my web server from AOL first...then maybe I can research that one..but if someone else comes up with an answer before then, great..! :)
Edited text of question.

  You don't need edit the text of the question... just add a comment... its hard to follow what you added when you edit the text of the question...

try target="newwindow"

or any other name.

As long as there isn't a window name newwindow or whatever name you put there... a new window will be created.


It will open a new window, but won't pass the variables.
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could it be something dumb with the aol browser? try changing the variable names, like name="fname" and form.fname etc...

doubt it would make a difference, but you never know.

No that didn't do it.

Under AOL only, I can't get a FORM to pass any variables if another window is used as the target.  It works fine under any other browser |:-{}
Well, the only other thing I can suggest is detect if the browser is AOL and sent the values via the URL.


what about if you /dont/ send the output to a new window?

maybe the AOL browser does not have target attribute implemented in the <form..> tag - if this is the case, then output to same window will work, output to new window wont.

if so, then you will have to try to do it with query string instead.

It works fine when passed with no target specified.

Not sure about "...with query string instead"?
what you need to do is detect for IE or Netscape and proceed as normal but when it isn't one of those (like AOL) you alongside submitting the form ... append the values of the form to the URL.

Then you can use the CF variables:

(just like FORM.varname)
to retrieve those values.

in which case i have a fair idea that the AOL browser does not support target attribute in form field.
Try dropping your form action just inside of your table tag. This seems to be a problem with some versions of IE4 and Nutscape... Ive had this error before. If you try giving it a param name, it'll just keep going down the variables saying "error resolving".
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