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restarting periferics.

it is possible restart all pereferics and plug-and-play, no restarting Windows, with command in C++;how?
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I don't want do reboot the computer, but it is possible?
No it is not.  As I said the best you can do is to use ExitWindowEx().
the windows, it don't have one message "starting windows"? if I send this message?
Nope, no message to start windows other than restarting it as nietod suggested. By the way, where would you start windows from? The big black void? ;-)
Most VXD will do required initialization within handler DEVICE_INIT ("the OndeviceInit routine is called when the DEVICE_INIT control message is detected", document: Using VtoolsD, compuware numega pag. 71), but also it have other types, how(Sys_critical_init, Init_complete); It is possible send handles for VXD´s?before boot windows. not restarting.
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it don´t serve, but tkank you.