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Aaargh, I don't want accents

When typing a quote (any of ` " ' ) Win 98 wil patiently wait for my next keystroke, then either give me an accented character, the typed quote + the typed character or only the typed quote.
I would simply like a " to appear when I type one.
Hopefully this just involves a flag in some option dialog or a registry entry, but I couldn't find it.

(Win98 - II, KB=US, LAN=Dutch)
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you want your language to be dutch though right?
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Though I don't care much for that, it is the Dutch version of Win98. Langauge is set Dutch but I'd probably be happy with English as well.
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Yes, the physical KB layout is US , which is a bit different from Dutch. You really don't want to use the dutch layout on a US keyboard ...
how long has the problem existed?
what changed just prior to this happening?
any other problems as well?
Guess something is wrong with win98... i used to have win95, and WITH Accents, but now win98 just doesn't "want" to do it... this sux...
try cleaning the keyboard
DarrinK, the problem was there since I installed Win98 a month ago. It's a major annoyance but not something that keeps me from using the machine. I just didn't get round to asking sooner.

It seems we want the opposite whatboy, You want accents I don't, I get them and you don't :( As if the devil (or is it Bill) is playing with us.
sorgie, :-))
>> any other problems as well
Yes, its called Windoze :)
Just kiddin (well, partly). There is something odd, yes, though it seems not related. After starting up a specific folder will always be opened (C:\program). It's not in Programs/Startup nor in registies Shell/Run or Shell/RunOnce

The accent thing is not just on my system, the Win98 machines at work have the same behaviour. I reckon it's some 'feature' and was hoping it could be disabled (without having to reinstall Windoze). I draw hope from the fact that whatboy has a Win98 without the accents.
that feature would not be standard
still think it has something to do with options selected on install of 98
Mhh, during setup I've nowhere indicated I wanted this behaviour. Nor did I choose anything very different from what I'd choose for Win95. But I shall check Software/Windows options.
I've found it, it's in the small details. The problem goes away if I set the Keyboard to US 101, it was US International. Whatboy, if you want the accents, set your keyboard to US international.

DarrinK thanks for trying to help. It's appreciated.
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