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Premiere Question?

I looked for an Adobe Premiere or video editing category, but it seems there is none, so I'll ask my question here (but if there is a more proper place to ask this sort of question, please let me know).

In Premiere, how do you add a Transition from Video 1 to Video 2 or vise versa?  I know how to do it from Video 1A to Video 1B, but I was wondering if it was even possible to use Transitions when working with files in Video 2, Video 3, and so on.
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I am 99% sure that it is not possible, I have a premiere book written by the people who designed premiere and they don't mention it at all.  I also tryed everything I could to see if I could do it with no luck.  However you can probably get the effect that you desire by using a transition between 1a and 1b and messing with the opacity levels on track 1a/1b/2 that way it will appear as though you are using a transition between 1 and 2.  I hope that this helps, this is the only way I can think of.  Good luck!
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I have a Adobe Premiere Class Room in a Book, is that the one you have?  Anyway, when I have a video clip on Video 1B, it does not let me choose Transparency, unlike when I have a clip in Video 2.  But you said you can use transparencies when a clip is in Video 1B?  How??
you asked a question and I answered it, what more do you want?
You answered the question, but you didn't elaborate your explanation enough for me to be able to put to use what you said.  This forum is not about who gets the most points, it's about answering (fully and understandably) questions to help people--and if those people feel they are satistified with the answer, they will grade you appropriately.  Frankly, you are the first person I've seen lash back like that.
I don't care if I get points, but I still say I answered your question. The question that you asked.  If everyttime someone answered a question the asker asked another this place would not run smoothly.  Now, maybe if you would have asked both questions at the same time, or etc.... you see
I'm not mad, I didn't lash in my opinion, I just asked a simple question.
And I think also a valid one.
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Thanks drumset.  Now THERE'S how you answer a question . . .