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What does these statements mean?

`` A Software is in Alpha Stage now?"
`` A Software is in Beta Stage now?"

            Also can you explain the sequence of stages a software can have?
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I agree, M$ has severely cramped our capability to understand, they even shipped Beta OTC. As COTS. Sheeze.  For that, don't neglect the category of : VaporWare

The A, B sequence (alpha/beta) was meant for near-complete versions, that willing people, other companies could run with, at the cost of providing comments and feedback on the product, but with the benefit of getting an early warning of what the product 'might be'.

For stages, you should also include prototype - the first working sample; and 'pilot' which is where a site that remains under your control, but has a 'full' mixture of other standard products - the first full-fledged 'live' test of it in real world environment (outside of the lab).
M$ also now has several 'Final' stages. I think one is 'Final Final' release. And reverting to Netscape terms, have a gold release, gold version and gold final.  If there are any silver editions, I am unaware. I am also unaware on whether they've mad any product that used the minor version level.  Even IE 5.01 verbally, shows as IE 5.00 programatically and on_screen.

I take it back. DOS v6 did use minor levels, I think 6.22 was last one, and since M$ won't DOS no more, I guess they cannot label versions no more.

Don't look at them as example.  Read the paper, the judge convicts them, MicroSoft, of lying, criminal activities, to point of harshness of a breakup in attempt to resolve not just bad labelling/staging habits, but also illegal activity.
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