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Looking for a Registry Key????

Hi Experts,
I am looking for a very baisc registry key for winNT and 9x.

in my computer when we choose View>Options menu option it gives to radio button options... The second option reads

"Browse folders by Using Single window that changes as you open each folder"

because when my system shuts down abnormally that option is reset....

which registry key does it update and to what value.... or maybe it is not a registry key rather some setting somewhere else????....


thanx in adv.

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>>because when my system shuts down abnormally that option is reset....

What do you mean by 'abnormally'?

Does it just not shut down correctly?

Are you SURE it is this that make it do this?
Take an export of the registry before the optin is set, set the option, and get another export of the registry.

Then use something like WinDiff (NT Resource Kit) to compare the two files.

This is similar to regmon except you can take two images and compare them and have the program create undo and redo .reg files ready for scripting

all you have to do to script the reg file is open notepad and type the following:

Rem This will bring it to flat prompt
cd \.
cd Your_folder
regedit Your_file.reg

Save it as a .bat and you now have script to run the edit
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So did you find the registry key you were looking for?