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Help ! Project Ideas Needed!

I need ideas for a final year degree project. I want to research an area, produce an in-depth report and build an application that demonstrates my findings. Ideally it should ..
      -  extend existing knowledge
      - software engineering related
      - interesting
      - maybe current topic

Any help much appreciated. Up the masses!
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If you're interested in mobile software agents, I can recommend the IBM aglets.

Just check:

On the IBM site you can download the code and some samples.

The software "on the move" can be demonstrated nicely and is having an innovative character.

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Extending on nico's idea - how about a system where autonomous programs "swim" through the network and scan computers for virusses, and report findings back to a central location.

Naturally, these "white cells" would periodically refresh their virus info and spawn off new cells whenever additional computers/ network links are discovered. To prevent them from turning into virusses themselves, they should periodically "die".

In effect, this would create an immunity shield for a computer network. The recent Love virus attack would be a nice testcase.....

This is vague, but how about making up 'modules' that can be put together into a package like EE_threads?

Can/will an engineer get the feedback through, the criteria, the signoffs. etc

Interfaces get redesigned on the fly, are the arguments still passed.

As a model, a random probability can simulate the humna misbehavior.

What if the patients ran the nuthouse?

The A/V co's have taken over. They've been patenting the new virus' to detect virus' after the fact (autonomous).  Guess what, this is among the ways it all started, trying to run some live 'monitor' and 'diagnostic' with suggested 'cure'.  They thought it worse than the teen hack, by golly.
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Accessing to do just what?
You can use the SDK to verify if an user exists in the LDAP database(by the way, the philosophy behind LDAP database is very interesting). You can also verify/display/modify the rights of the user stored in the LDAP database.
The verification can be improved if you configure the LDAP server to work over SSL as a secure server. You can use the Netscape Certificate Server to obtain server/client certificates or you can request certificates from a certificate authority- this way you learn about PKI - public key infrastructures.
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