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How to install Apache and succesfully install web application from servletrunner to apache.

I design and tested succesfully web application using JDK1.2,JDBC,SERVLET and ACCESS. My application tested on WIN98 standalone pc using servletrunner. Now I want to test same application on APACHE WEB SERVER AND JSERVER. I install both software on PC. Please send me all details to run application and necessary configuration to set for pentium II/win98/no networking/32mb ram.
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First, I would like to tell you that I have had errors using Windows 98 for running the Apache Server.  So good luck.  The only platform that I was able to get the Apache Server to work correctly on was Win95/NT.

Basically, if you want to set up the server to test your servlet you are half way there.  Since you have the jdk working correctly, you install the jserver with its wizard/dialog boxes.  It asks you for the location of the jdk bin, so you add the path and it will set up a configuration file for you.  Then you can run the set up for the apache server.  Again you will have a wizard that will now ask you for the location of the jdk bin and the jserv files.  Once you have added these in, the configuration file will be set up for you.  You can view the configuration files and edit them according to your preference of servlet aliases and servlet repositories, but as long as your servlet resides in one of the specified repositories it should work.

I hope this helps.  If you come into more specific questions of instalation, I could probably help you more.

Their is one line that you probably have to change in the httpd.conf file.
You have your machine name to the line that is commented for a host name.

I've installed Apache + JServer + MySQL + PHP + Apache ASP and more Under Win 98. I've had errors and corrected them..

Now it's working perfectly for me. Therefore, I don't believe it doesn't work under win98!!! You just have to figure it out.. and you can do so by reading the documents I've mentioned earlier. They have clear installation and configuration steps.. just flow them.. If I can do it I'm sure you can do it too.

Email me at if you need any other help.
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Thanks for guidence!
I installed apache/Jserv/Oracle web application on my win98 pc (not WinNT)
with help of book of Java Server Programming by wrox .
Thanks to all of you.