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Crystal Report8 and VB6

Hello everybody,

I am working in VB6,SQL 7.0 and using Crystal Report ver 8.0 as the reporting  tool.
I am new to Crystal report 8.0.
I would like to know how to connect Crystal report object with VB. ie, how should i specify the path where the report file is in VB  through Crystal report object.
I should specify the location where the report is, The server name, login name and password.

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oops, forgot to tell you how to tell the program where the reports are:

strBrief = App.Path + "\Rep\b00001.rpt"
Set crB00001 = crApp.OpenReport(strBrief)
strBrief = App.Path + "\Rep\b00001vb.rpt"
Set crB00001VB = crApp.OpenReport(strBrief)
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The anwser to your question will depends on what edition of Crystal Report you are using.  You will have to use Crystal Report 8 Developers' Edition to start with.  Also, it will depends on do you need to have more functionality or just call the report and run it because there is at least four ways of doing what you are asking for.
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Thanks for ur suggestions.
But i got it working with a simple logonInfo function.
I do not need further suggestions.
Thanks again for ur responses.