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Buy or Build Install and Expiration (serial #) routine for program

I am looking to either BUY OR BUILD an inexpensive product to assist with Software Installation, Expiration, and Unlocking....
This would need to run on Windows 95,98,2000,NT. The orignal program is written in VB and actually is a special browser implementation.

1. I am looking for a reasonably priced product (could be shareware ) that will assist in the installation of a product that people
will download from the web. Of course would be able to uninstall as well.

2. The product would need to expire after about 20
days thus allowing the user to try before they potentially buy.
They then would be prompted to enter a key in order to unlock the
product.  (probably based on date and other things)

Also if someone were to try to install the product a second
time (after expiration) it would not allow this based on prior checking of the registry for certain values. These values WILL NOT be deleted on an uninstall..

A different unlock code to permanently (purchase) unlock the program.

Anything out there to do parts 1 and 2 and 3  for a  reasonable price?  

I need to determine if we are going to write the above pieces ourselves which we could in about 2-3 days max.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge or perhaps refernces to software, your own code, etc...

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This is something you'd definitely want to buy, rather than build, I would think.  There a few very good applications to enable easy installations/uninstalls.

I'm not sure about the expiration part - I think you'd have to code that into your application yourself. It's usually done with a registry setting of the current date when it first runs, and then checking that date each time the program runs to see if some amount of time has elapsed, but you can get more sophisticated than that if you want to make it more difficult for users to circumvent your expiration.

Installsheild is probably the most popular installer application, and it does offer a "package for the web" component that would probably be of interest to you:

Also check Wise Solutions for the same type of thing:

And there is also the built-in Application & Deployment Wizard in Microsoft's Visual Studio.

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Thanks!  I hope you enjoy the TrialX and everything works well for you.

Good Luck.