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Restarts instead of shutdown

My problem lies in Windows 98 (first edition) - whenever I shutdown, it restarts the computer rather than really shutdown (I have an atx power supply).  I've tried numerous things: disabling power managment in windows and bios, disabling fast shutdown, and playing around in the registry and bios (disabling irqs), shut off irq steering. Nothing has worked...
Any other ideas?

Current system configuration:
AMD K6 300Mhz
64 Mb of Ram
3 hard drives (1.2,1.5,1.2)
1 cd-rw
ATI All-In-Wonder 4mb
3dfx Voodoo Graphics
Asus Txp4: Bios 1.09

Note: I am not using Second Edition - the patch for Win98se shutdown would not work.

Thanks for your help!
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Do you have a Client for Netware installed?
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Only Client for MS networks, and MS family logon
I would check to see if there are any BIOS updates for your motherboard.  Just go to the Asus website and look up your model of motherboard.  
Most of the time these shutdown problems can be solved with BIOS updates.
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Forgot the link, sorry for the long post.


Computer Restarts When You Try to Shut Down

The information in this article applies to:

Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition


When you try to shut down your computer, your computer may restart instead of shutting down.

This behavior can occur on some computers if the Fast Shutdown feature is enabled.

To work around this issue, disable Fast Shutdown:

Click Start, click Run, type msconfig, and then click OK.

Click the General tab, and then click Advanced.

Click to select the Disable fast shutdown check box, click OK, and then click OK.

Restart your computer.
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Just another fix associated with this.  Ensure your video driver is up to date.
Do you work on your computer alot?  Because I've actually seen in cases where two jumpers on a board get connected or bent together from working on them.  Depends on what board you have.
make sure you don't have(if you do use) more than one version of AOL installed on the same drive. Has been known to cause a reboot loop
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Thanks a lot to all those who answered!!
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Strange, I thought I change the points to 300 -> now it's just given 30???