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Caption problem

i install Delphi 5
on standart controls (cmponents Like TLabel) the Caption property has no extra button to open multi line editor windows ,
why ?
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  Captions are, by definition, only one line long. Multi-line captions are not available in Delphi. It might word-wrap if it's long enough but I doubt it.

Good luck with your project!
You might be able to force a line break with #10#13?

you're wrong, pegasus: multi-line captions ARE available in delphi.

look what asi said:
"Caption property has no extra button to open multi line editor"

that extra button is a well-known-one to me - in my delphi4 properties window!

i do not have delphi5 and do not know why that designtime-multi-edit button does not exist, but,

that's how you can do it:

label1.caption:='I like'+#13+'it this'+#13+'way'+#13+#13+'and even'+#13+#13+#13+'this way..';

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Comment accepted as answer

hi all.

is my answer first or orascript's? i was first bit pissed of because my answer is not accepted - because it seems first on the thread. but not according to the time it's posted

i'm confused
in that case I beat you both :)  I wouldn't worry about it.

mahara, your comment was well ahead of mine. However, I believe I deserve the points because I gave him exactly what he asked for,
to quote " the Caption property ... extra button to open multi line editor windows"
Neither your answer or edey's give him the button with the property editor for multi line captions.
orascript is entirly correct here, hence "don't worry about it"


ps, I to really like much of the rxlib, truly a fine example of the 'open' nature of the delphi community.  Gawd I love this tool
i use rxlib components and appreciate the work they're doing.

coming to the comments:

well, read the question carefully - he is asking why? neither your answer is completely correct, while he is not asking "how to"? :)

by the way, that property editor for multiline captions is available for my delphi4c/s - we should even identify why that does not exist in delphi5 - to get closer to give an answer to the question.

coming to the points: having them is nice but not so very important.

mahara, you have it because a component set installed it for you. To find out which one , in Delphi search (CTRL+F) your drive , or Delphi directory if everything is there
for the word 'RegisterPropertyEditor'

when you have all of the occurences listed, look for the line that shows
something about Caption and BaseControl or TLabel. The name of the source file should show you which component set installed the property editor.

(It does not come with Delphi)
:))) i didn't know that. well, i've never used my delphi4 without Rxlib, so i thought it was available as a native property..

should we send this as a Rxlib testimonial ?