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Per-User folder views

We have a folder in a mailbox on our ExchangeSVR which about 15 people access. When I read an item, it is marked as read for all users you see this folder. How do we set this folder up so that the changes (i.e. items marked as 'read' or 'unread') are only seen by the person who made the change. In other words, if I read an item, it should be marked as 'Read' when I look at the folder but when someone else looks at the same item in that folder, it should remain 'Unread'. Thanks in advance.
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nope will not work!!!

The only way to do so is to send the message to the mailbox of each of the 15 people individually.

If they do not have a mailbox, create one for each one of them.
What you can do then, is create a group of people (the 15 persons) and send the message to the group. this way each person receives the message in their own mailbox.

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I know you can define per-user views for Public Folders, so why not for a mailbox?
That's the whole idea of a public folder. A mailbox is intended for one user only! You can give access to others, but when you read a message in a mailbox, there are no other copies of it than the message itself. This means that 1 message can not be at the same time read and unread.

The exchange server does not make 15 copies of the message if the mailbox is accessible by 15 persons. This would be necessary if you would like to know who read and who did not read it or whether the message itself is read or unread. Pure logic here.

Sorry my friend :)
So for a Public Folder, the view is ALWAYS per-user?
Yes. Each user can both customize or change their view of a public folder w/o affecting others as well as messages being marked as read or unread only for that user.
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Thanks for the clarification. (Although I don't know about it being "Pure Logic" ; ) hahaha.