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Not joining network

When I shut down win98 and start it up again its not in workgroup, but if I wait 5 minutes before starting it up it joins workgroup.
I did'nt know this so I started to try and fix problem, re-installed nic driver etc.
uninstalled a bunch of stuff,print drivers since could not see network printer.
Then I was told its always like that you have to wait about five minutes then its ok,this happens for all computers in this 7 computer win98 and 95 peer network.
Why would that happen.
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The computers have to get everything up and running and then "announce" themselves to the network.  I guess this is a MS "feature."
When you say "its not in workgroup" do you mean you can't login to a domain controller or you don't see computers in Network Neighborhood?

If its Network Neighborhood, what happens when you hit F5 when Network Neighborhood is open?

Are all machines in the same workgroup and all have a common network protocol (like netbeui) loaded?

Does having "File and printer sharing for microsoft networks" enabled on the machine make a difference?  Is Browse Master enabled on any of the machines?
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I shut it down and reboot
When I look in Network Neighborhood
its empty,even if I wait its still empty
If I shut it down and wait five minutes
then boot up, all other computers show up in Network Neighborhood.
The owner of company thinks its because
when its shutdown for 5 minutes
everything discharges,capacitors etc,
This sounds strange to me,it the same for all computers,I took it with a grain of salt except it caught me off guard thinking it was something else
then re-installing nic etc,
I know it takes a while to establish browse service ,but this is the other way around.
Everything is setup correctly otherwise it would never work
Yes, everything is fine.  It has nothing to do with the electronics discharging (or whatever).  It has to do with the browsing service taking time to check out everything available and load it properly.  We have ours on an NT Server along with our peer-to-peer network.  All take a bit of time to come up.  If you bring up the computer fresh, immediately go into network neighborhood, and then keep hitting F5 to refresh you will see each one come on individually.  After four or five have slowly showed up then all will suddenly show up.
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Isn't the Master Browser automatic
after the election.
How can I tell which one it is
(Possibly its a registry entry).
They have 2 protocols on all computers netbuie and tcp/ip
they all have internet.
It might be a good idea to get rid of
I dont think F5 would do any good since I couldn't print to network printer.  
Netbui is the fastest network protocol.  Of course, having more protocols than absolutely necessary will slow network functionality.  If all have tcp/ip (since they have internet access), then you should be able to take netbeui off of them and everything should work fine.
Hi john

A point, which I have seen used, is editing the LMHOST file.

Do a serrate on LMHOSTS and double click on it. It will then open in notepad.

Read threw the explanations (it is very explanatory)
I am not sure if it is in the Win95 machine or not I know you can use it on a 95 machine. So when you make the first one just copy it to one or two stations and see if that does help.

This may or may not fix your problem.

I take it that you do not always connect to the same drive(s).

Let me know how it goes.
Assuming you are using TCP/IP this as identified above is common, there are a couple of things to try. As also identified above the more you have running for protocols then network may run slower, however, I have found that network shows faster if I have netbeui installed along with TCP/IP on all machines and doesn't appear to slow up the network like IPS and client for netware does. I would also enter gateway, One of you machine for example is I am assuming acting as server, or has been assigned an IP (example), the "1" indicating this is kind of the master/gateway. Enter this number as the gateway to all the other machines. I did have the similiar problem as you identified above and when I added as I say the netbeui to that machine it found things a lot faster. Worth a try. Dave
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I will be installing a new computer it will do the internet sharing (win98SE)with dial up modem. This of course will be the new gateway,
At present they have a 3rd party
sharing (proxy) program on old computer that only allows 3 simultanious connection.
Its IP is the rest etc.  

They have one desigated computer as server it has  MSpostoffice(workgroups)
and acts as print server,its nic is set
to obtain IP (dhcp),all the rest have static IP's.
maybe server computer using obtain IP might be part of problem, should it be set to static ?
When I install new computer I will
point all LMhosts files to it
This should take care of problem.
Keep you posted
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If you are setting up ICS on an SE computer the recommendation is to use dynamic ip assignment.  I have the two computers here at my house set up this way.  My computer has the internet connection and has set as the ip address (I read this somewhere as the recommended host ip) and my daughter's computer has server assigned ip.  This works very well and in fact didn't work until I made hers server assigned.  You can read up on my experience setting this up here. 
Good advise slink9! However, I have just the opposite in that I have all five machines at home assigned IPs and do not use the DHCP. I think its called user preference as long as it works. You are correct in that the host\server is the one with the .1 as I identified above. Later Dave
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I know win98SE internet sharing likes
to use dynamic IP
This scenario happened to a friend last
week,He had to set it up in an office
previously it was all static
When he did the win98 sharing thing
using dynamic IP. All computers had internet no problem, but nothing else worked
eg. network printers,and some other specialised stuff,he been trying to fix things up all week without success,and he's there right now,working on an old QMS network printer
He should have made a note of old IP's
but hindsight is 20/20
I guess the lesson is in this business
the less you change the better
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Can I use a LMHOST file in win98
without NT
If I put an entry for each computer
things might show up faster in network neiborhood, and solve problem I'm having
readme refers to NT
could I just do it like this,and put it oin every computer     joe     john     david

john: Haven't used LMHOST will let someone else advise you of that but I think you had a typo with "joe" should have been "168" not "068" or thats your problem why this one isn't seeing the the network correctlt! Enjoy! Dave
Yes LMHOSTS can be used in WIN98 & in WIN95.

Did you try it ? If so did it hekp at all? (I hope if you did try it that "joe" had the right IP address as pointed out above.

What is the feed back on it
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They dont have them, I will try it on Monday the above with typo was just an example.
It was the format I wanted to get right
the readme being Microsoft is a bit confusing, eg. the domain stuff
I think this will help,since computers will emmediately know where everthings is.
Usually private IP is 192.168.0.x
They use 192.168.1.x
would that make any difference.

I always assign like 192.168.1.x or 192.168.2.x  etc. Don't know if I have tried the "0". home networks I try to keep it simple (KISS principal-Keep it Simple Sir) and don't assign domains, just make sure I have workgroup and set up the IPs and subnet mask and off it flies! Dave
Lmhosts: Set it up as follows and you should have no problem.   Compname1  #pre   Compname2  #pre   Compname3  #pre
and so on also make sure you have netbeui loaded and file and printer sharing even if you are not sharing disks/printers on that peticular machine if you still have the same problem it could be a hardware issue I have seen similar problems with different network card makes on the same network. Can you ping the other PCs when you cannot see them in Network Neighbourhood? (Exit to dos and type PING 192.168.0.x x being a relivant number to one of the PC's

thewood: Thanks for the info on the "0", I have never used that address so wasn't sure, I thought it should work but wouldn't state so unless I was sure. Dave
emery800: Yes the "0" works I use the third number set a a site number example

192.168.0.x (Headoffice)

192.168.1.x (Branchoffice1)

192.168.2.x (Branchoffice2)

This way my routers know which site they are looking at. Any way just another thing to try after you setup your LMHOSTS Click start and find then computer then type the name of one of the computers in the network and see if it works this will at least eliminate the TCP/IP let me know how you get on.
thewood: I am just one providing advise also, not the quesioner, sorry if you misunderstood. Dave
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Thanks again I will be going back to this job tomorrow and will give it a try
john: Not trying to be wise but you know that they all have to have the same numbers all the way except for the last one! Dave
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Thanks  emery800
I did know that but thanks away
Sorry! One never knows how literate the questioner is and didn't want you to waste your time! :>)

This is true if the subnet mask is

If you use a different subnet mask this will change the rules of Course.

Can't argue that SIR! :>)
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I installed win98 internet sharing
IT forces you to use
on host and all clients were in the range 192.168.1.x, so I set all computers to dhcp
the problem seems to be solved
Can I still use an lmhosts file
the computer do not have static IP's anymore.
I was a bit worried about network printers not working ,since they use netbuie and not tcp/ip
it wasn't a problem.
Things did seem to flow more smoothly when I followed the suggestions on the MS web site for which ip addresses to use and how to set up the clients (as it seems you have discovered).  You should be able to use network printers because they are attached the the tcp/ip DEVICE, not the protocol.  That is, as long as the computer to which it is attached has tcp/ip installed and can talk to the network.
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What is the tcp/ip device ?
is it something windows installs for the printer .
Since the printers are attached to a
win98 print server I guess other computers
see it through that computer
TCP/IP device is one protocol that can be used for networking and it is also used for connecting to the an ISP. When you. The device you installed is a printer and if you are using this protocol then the server is what is using this protocol to see the network and communicate. You need to have file and print sharing enable under network neighbohood and you need to share the printer under printers under my computer. Your assumption is correct on it see's it through the computer as long as you have it shared and other settings are correct. Dave
I never have this problem at work. When I reboot my machine, I can see the whole network instantly. If you are all just running the Microsoft client, TCP/IP, your Network card and file and printer sharing, I would suggest changing the workgroup name ( Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network and select the Identification tab) and make sure everyone is on the same workgroup. This works for me at home as well.
john: Depending on the size of your network, and any expansion you are contemplating, if it is working the way you have set it up, then let it go and be happy! If you are having problems then identify them and we will help resolve them. Dave
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My friend he cant even change a light bulb
without assistance
Setup Internet sharing at a company
and changed all IP's to dhcp.
I told him not to, it turned out none of the network TCP/IP printers would work, he's been trying to get them working for 2 weeks, he's there now as I speak.

He changed IP's back from dhcp to static with Internet sharing
this enabled him to see the printer again from server.
Its an old dinosaur of a printer QMS 2060 model in the instructions its all related to unix, its just about given my friend a nervous breakdown.
They have had nothing but problems with it from day one, but they didn’t tell him that.
You have to run an admin program to capture printer on a print server then run another program on each client computer to capture port or something. They have Mac’s there; it was never a problem printing to them.

John: My daughter is great with Mac's I do not know or don't want to know anything about them, Sorry! Its all I can do to keep up with the PC's. I am sure other experts maybe able to help you. I will not waste your time with my thoughts! Dave
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Thanks again
I am just glad you found information that helped you out! Best to you and Good Luck! :>) Dave