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svchost.exe process takes 99% of CPU time


I have two computers, Win2000 and Win98, that I
connected with a LAN.
In order to share the internet connection through the ISDN modem at the Win98 computer, I'm using the software GateKeeper.
Now, on the Win2000 there is one proccess svchost.exe, that takes 95%-99% of CPU time all the time and slows the computer down.
Rebooting the Win2000 does not help and neither stopping the GateKeeper server on the Win98.
Only rebooting the Win98 computer seems to help.

Why is that?

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-Gatekeeper.. Isint that the "admin" front-end of Wingate ?
-Wingate propably requires 2000 client stations to be configured "just so".. Go to and look for setup spec for 2000 clients.
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Thanks for letting me know about this.
Can you tell me how to uninstall the client software?
I don't see it in the softwares list nor in the services.
I just have thier icon in the control panel window and I can't get rid of it.
I uninstalled the server on the other computer,
but it didn't solve the 99% problem, yet.
If you have the most current version of wingate there should be an uninstall program in the "Wingate Internet Client" Folder.
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I recently had a problem with my new Win 2000 (a P3 660Mhz... 240 megs ram) computer and the program "svchost.exe" hogging CPU resources. I can't pinpoint when it began but I had noticed a significant slowdown in most areas. ...starting programs took too long, opening files, windows file explorer seemed to have trouble collecting information from both local and network drives, Email (MS Outlook) was slow to start as well as Internet Explorer.
The Task manager indicated that the program "svchost.exe" was in control of the cpu 99% of the time (the usage graph was at 100% all the time).
First thing I did was search the internet for an explanation or clue as to what was going on. I found several references to the problem, none really explaning what to do about it yet though. One individual encountered it on installation of his computer, in order to critique the operating system, couldn't figure out what was causing it and finally "chalked it up to experience" and reinstalled the OS from scratch (delete partition - start over).
Referring to my local computer tech/support person, he recommended a similar course as figuring the time involved to find the cause, it would be quicker to just reinstall the OS.  (All I could think about was all the time and head scratching it would take to reinstall all my applications and compatibility upgrades that were required to use MOST of my applications and hardware in Win 2000.
I went back to the Internet for most of and afternoon, rereading and trying different keywords etc. (not really any more successful than just using the single word "svchost.exe" of course).
Finally I came across references to the problem here and the possibilties of  Wingate and the WGIC (Wingate Internet Client) being the culprit.
I had recently been setting up FTP Voyager and upon having trouble connecting to a site I connect to regularly, I thought that perhaps I would require WGIC to make the connection through my Wingate server. Eventually I figured out that I didn't really need it and uninstalled it. But the uninstall wasn't completed properly for some reason and there were some remnants of the Wingate Internet Client still on my computer (perhaps it seemed to hang my computer during the uninstall (hazy recollection) and I rebooted... not sure).  This time when I looked around for the uninstall shortcut... it wasn't there. (Obviously the results of the partial uninstall)  I then reinstalled the Wingate Internet Client from scratch again, and lo and behold... the Task Manager graph dropped to near ZERO.  I then ran a custom uninstall of the WGIC again... confirming complete removal of the program and now "Life is Beautiful" Everything is back to normal. Programs are starting swiftly and so on...

Sorry for the length and detail of my explanation... but clarity may help someone else through similar experiences.

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I found this problem on my computer and traced it back to JAVA being installed twice.
In my case I had uninstalled Java (I had j2re-1_4_2_05 and j2re-1_4_2_04 both installed somehow.)
After removing them both I reinstalled only the newest (at this moment it's j2re-1_4_2_05-windows-i586-p.exe)