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where is my neighboors?

When I click network neighboors I can just see our server name in it. What happen to other user in our network?
The other users can not see each other anymore.
Please help.
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Are they all using the same workgroup?  What network protocol?  Is all of the hardware working properly (hub, router, switch)?  How are they connected (10Base2 [coax], 10BaseT [cat5])?  Quite a bit more info will be needed to troubleshoot this one.
i would say...
if you have a windows NT server.. let the users logon to a windows NT domain...

also ... i would check the netmask to see if that applies to the rest of your network
and or install wins on the server :)
We can keep on proposing stuff, but we need more information.

What kind of netwerk?

win 95/98?
win nt?
win nt/95?

This can help us a lot...

and more info too.
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I have solved the problem. When I restart the server everything returned to orginal. Now everything is okey.
Who needs point? I will give 50 points to whom write to me first.
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Thank your interest.
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